Monday, November 22, 2010


Well, I guess no one else is going to blog about my second "exchange" with Alle, so I'll have to do it myself. Sure, mom put this T-shirt on me to keep me from riping out my NEW stitches and that restricts my movement, but I'll somehow try to type about...oh, did I forget to mention THAT MY SISTER ATTACKED ME AGAIN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT A WEEK AGO & TOOK AN EVEN BIGGER CHUNK OUT OF MY HIDE?!

Mom & dad keep us seperated now when we go to bed (I get our beds all to myself & Alle gets the couch, so there! BOLBOLBOL). I did manage to take a couple of nips out of Alle's hide so it wasn't entirely one sided - although I did get the worst of it by far (hey, she's bigger than me!).

Mom & dad are starting to think I caused the tiff but they can't prove anything. BOLBOLBOL, oooowwwww. (It hurts to laugh) *sigh*


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