Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Who was that bitch?!

Dad went to the store yesterday and when he came back...Rip & I could smell ANOTHER DOG'S SCENT on him!!!!! OMG! Sure he brought us treats, but we could smell ANOTHER DOG'S SCENT on him!!!!!

We sniffed his arms and chest for over 10 minutes and there's no doubt. Some bitch was rubbing up on him real good. We saw some stray, long white hairs on his shirt too. grrrrrrr

Dad described what that little home wrecker looked like and mom said it was a samoyed with blue eyes. It tries that again and it's gonna have BLACK & blue eyes! BOLBOLBOLBOL!!!

p.s.'s really windy out today. Hope we still get out for a walk.

Monday, October 4, 2010

TWO walks! Yea!

Oh this weekend was soooooo wonderful. we went for some great walks! Yesterday dad took us out for a walk in the was starting to get a little hot...and dad told us he was waiting for some guy to change the tire on mom's car...WHATEVER!! the important thing is...we got a walk!!! then mom took us for a walk later in the afternoon...there was a "gourmet food truck" near our house...mmmmmmmm the food smelled sooooooo said we weren't stopping there, darn...did we say that the food smelled sooooooo good. lots of people pet us and told us how pretty we!!! today it is a little drizzly...wonder if dad will take us out with our new coats on?


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