Tuesday, August 10, 2010

splish-splash, I was taking a...walk!

OMG! This was sooooo funny!

Dad took us for a nice walk this morning. It was bright sunshiney...except for the parts of the road in the shade from trees. The bright sunshine contrasted (didn't think I knew big words like that, did ya, BOL) with the dark patches in the shade and made it impossible to see things in the shade like...oh, I don't know...like the hole filled with dirty water that dad stepped into up to his ankle!!!!

Rippy & me saw it (of course) and we walked on either side of the hole and then, we may have, (he'll never be able to prove it) started jogging...ok, loping...a little faster and, voila! Dad splished - splashed into the water hole and let out a stream of...I think they're called, curses. Whatever, it...was...hilarious! Even dad started laughing after he finished his tirade.

All the way home, dad kept making squishy noises whenever he took a step with his right paw. Me & Rip kept glancing back at him over our shoulders and giggled all the way home.

Whew! WHAT a morning! Time for a nap. I'll have a smile on my face while I dream.


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