Monday, July 19, 2010

this weekend!

So last week this guy came back and was doing stuff to the the end mom and dad had a new door put up. It is pretty when we are outside we can tell if mom and dad are paying attention to us so we don't have to beg to come back inside!
Well, this weekend mom was putting some stuff on the doors, aka...not paying attention to us, so when dad went outside too, Alle went into the bathroom and took these things out of the bathtub...they were kinda soft and was ok til dad went and asked mom where they said she didn't know and then dad said...never mind....found them, Alle took them to the office....ALLLLEEEEE!!
Sunday was more of the same but when mom let us in the house, she told us not to get into trouble...well, in our minds we didn't...course mom disagreed when she found Alle with her bag of little candy thingys and her payday bar on the called Alle a bad name and told said...well....the girl has taste!!! mom kinda stormed off, i think i heard her say more bad words to Alle!!


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