Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Payday & The Quilt

WHAT...a week so far!

On Monday, Alle found a bunch of big bath towels that mom had washed sitting on a low shelf. While dad was working in the office, she grabbed each of those towels and laid them out real nice on the living room floor (like mom does while putting together her quilts).

Well, Alle made her own quilt of about 7 big towels laid out all nice on the floor. She was on the couch admiring her artistic mastery when dad came out. He was flabberghasted...and started yelling. But even he had to chuckle after awhile and he complimented Alle's design sense. Of course, the (until recently) clean towels had to be put into the hamper for another wash.

Dad usually checks Alle to see if she's carrying something outdoors that she shouldn't. Now, he'll be checking me out too I'm afraid. Dad caught me eating something big out in the yard and asked what I had. I kept turning away from him so that he couldn't see what I was eating until I finished gulping the whole thing down. Then I gave him that, "what, me?" look. He found some paper scraps, but nothing to help identify what I ate. Only when mom came home and foud "someone" had rifled her purse and then found that a "Payday" bar was missing did they figure it out. BOL BOL BOL BOL!
That was really funny...and tasty! But now dad's watching me too.



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