Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dad guest blogs

Well, my left arm is now officially 1 inch longer than my right arm.

I was out walking the girls, made the turn at County Line Rd, and about half way to lower Notre Dame (at the tree just past Chaz’s home), 3 squirrels' gaze simultaneously met Rip & Allie’s gaze. I, unfortunately, was a split second late on the uptake and only noticed the “Road Runner” like velocity after it was unfolding. The squirrels all leaped halfway up the tree and our monsters (Rip especially) made a move toward them I didn’t think possible according to the laws of physics. (But then, Rip & Alle never studied law.) My arm was yanked like a Republican taking candy from a baby! YEOW!

I’ll never forget the wide-eyed look in the eyes of those squirrels that screamed “Oh Sh*t!”, and the cloud of dust from their departure is no exaggeration. All in all, an experience I will remember long after my arm stops aching.


Rip & Alle's dad

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