Monday, July 19, 2010

this weekend!

So last week this guy came back and was doing stuff to the the end mom and dad had a new door put up. It is pretty when we are outside we can tell if mom and dad are paying attention to us so we don't have to beg to come back inside!
Well, this weekend mom was putting some stuff on the doors, aka...not paying attention to us, so when dad went outside too, Alle went into the bathroom and took these things out of the bathtub...they were kinda soft and was ok til dad went and asked mom where they said she didn't know and then dad said...never mind....found them, Alle took them to the office....ALLLLEEEEE!!
Sunday was more of the same but when mom let us in the house, she told us not to get into trouble...well, in our minds we didn't...course mom disagreed when she found Alle with her bag of little candy thingys and her payday bar on the called Alle a bad name and told said...well....the girl has taste!!! mom kinda stormed off, i think i heard her say more bad words to Alle!!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Payday & The Quilt

WHAT...a week so far!

On Monday, Alle found a bunch of big bath towels that mom had washed sitting on a low shelf. While dad was working in the office, she grabbed each of those towels and laid them out real nice on the living room floor (like mom does while putting together her quilts).

Well, Alle made her own quilt of about 7 big towels laid out all nice on the floor. She was on the couch admiring her artistic mastery when dad came out. He was flabberghasted...and started yelling. But even he had to chuckle after awhile and he complimented Alle's design sense. Of course, the (until recently) clean towels had to be put into the hamper for another wash.

Dad usually checks Alle to see if she's carrying something outdoors that she shouldn't. Now, he'll be checking me out too I'm afraid. Dad caught me eating something big out in the yard and asked what I had. I kept turning away from him so that he couldn't see what I was eating until I finished gulping the whole thing down. Then I gave him that, "what, me?" look. He found some paper scraps, but nothing to help identify what I ate. Only when mom came home and foud "someone" had rifled her purse and then found that a "Payday" bar was missing did they figure it out. BOL BOL BOL BOL!
That was really funny...and tasty! But now dad's watching me too.



Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So this is what really happened!

Dad took us out for our walk. We were minding our own business....which means we were doing our job...looking for rabbits and squirrels when all of the sudden there were 3 squirrels in front of us!!! OMG!!!! well, they saw right when we saw them! We saw opportunity and we went for them!!!! Dad...well...he just wasn't paying enough attention to us so he didn't totally appreciate our speed and agility (especially Rippy's...after all dad...she was a great racer in her day!!!)!!!! Unfortunately, those squirrels leaped for the tree and got away....OMG you should have heard them...have to admit...they were pretty speedy as well!


Dad guest blogs

Well, my left arm is now officially 1 inch longer than my right arm.

I was out walking the girls, made the turn at County Line Rd, and about half way to lower Notre Dame (at the tree just past Chaz’s home), 3 squirrels' gaze simultaneously met Rip & Allie’s gaze. I, unfortunately, was a split second late on the uptake and only noticed the “Road Runner” like velocity after it was unfolding. The squirrels all leaped halfway up the tree and our monsters (Rip especially) made a move toward them I didn’t think possible according to the laws of physics. (But then, Rip & Alle never studied law.) My arm was yanked like a Republican taking candy from a baby! YEOW!

I’ll never forget the wide-eyed look in the eyes of those squirrels that screamed “Oh Sh*t!”, and the cloud of dust from their departure is no exaggeration. All in all, an experience I will remember long after my arm stops aching.


Rip & Alle's dad