Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the quartet

Last night, while we were all watching tv, mom & dad starting howling (similar to rooing but not as sweet). Welllllll, me & rip joined right in adding our beautiful rooing to the mix. It...was...awesome! Me & rip got really excited and stormed dad. He's not sure if we were congratulating him and mom for their singing, or getting ready to take a chunk out of him for his killing the song with that voice! O...M...G...!!!! That was sooooo funny!

Time to finish my treat and go back to sleep (beauty sleep, of course).


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

hmmmmm soft new towels!

So, can you believe that mom went out to the store a few days ago and DIDN'T BRING US ANYTHING HOME?????!!! we were sooooooo upset! we got back at mom though...when dad wasn't looking we got these nice fluffy, incredibly soft new towels down that mom bought! mom came home and said..."hey what is this?" said..."what??" and mom showed him the towels we took! dad said "i just turned my back on them for a second." mom asked us which one of us did this...we just stared back at said she thought both of us were in on this....BOLBOLBOL!!!!!