Wednesday, March 10, 2010

getting back to normal!

Finally!!! Things are finally getting back to normal. Mom doesn't have that funny metal thing on her leg or the scary cage thing she used to walk with. She and dad have taken us out for walks but mom still hasn't taken us on our usual long walk, she said she will later.

Mom has gotten pretty smart though...she has caught me in the bathroom trying to take her squishy thing...she said i couldn't have it.

I got back at mom brought up these big containers...whenever she does that it means they are going somewhere! Anyway, mom put some of her clothes in them....then she went to work and i helped her by taking them out of the container when she was at work!!! wasn't so happy when she got home!! oh...did i mention i took a nice leather case out of another seemed to get particularly upset about that...she said something about it having passports in it!!!

hmmmm...sofa looks good right now...time to rest!!


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