Sunday, March 21, 2010

bacon AND eggs was making herself some bacon this morning so alle went in the kitchen and made sad eyes at mom so mom made us bacon AND eggs for breakfast this morning....was it yummy!!! mom and dad still have those big boxes we think we will be going to the hotel soon. dad said something about "cleaning out the refrigerator"...hmmmm if that means more food for us, we are good with that!! mmmmmm......bacon and eggs....


Saturday, March 20, 2010


So mom took this hot thing out and started using it. she put the thing down on the ground so i came over and laid on top of it. Mom wasn't happy!!! Mom said "Alle, what are you doing, you know....i don't iron squares just for you...i am trying to arrange this quilt." HEY MOM, listen up....yeah you do iron squares for is all about me (and sometimes Ripley!)! Uh oh...Rip is lookin mean at me. Well, HEY Mom listen up it is all about us!!!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


BOLBOLBOL!!!! Dad found me with mom's towel this morning and took it away from me...he glared at me....Not to worry, i got back at him...when he wasn't looking i went and got mom's towel and dad's washcloth! Dad wasn't too happy!!

Then i went into the shower and got mom's scrunchy thing....DARN MOM....SHE CAUGHT ME WITH IT IN MY MOUTH. I tried to out run mom but she knew where i was going so she got it and took it away. I glared at mom!!!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stupid door

I really loooove dad's pillows. Saturday while mom was at the store and dad was on the computer in his office, I sneaked into their bedroom (mom always forgets to close the doors...bolbolbolbol) and I grabbed dad's soft, feather pillow. I was dragging it out to my couch when it got hung up on that stupid bathroom door. The more I pulled, the more the door closed until I had to let go and the door slammed shut.

I loped outta there and dad shot up to see what the hey happened. I gave him my innocent "what me?" look but he knew somethin' was up. He backtracked my steps & saw the bathroom door shut. He had to force it open because the big pillow was right behind the door and wedged under it. Dad said some really loud words.

Stupid door. Dad was p***ed and he didn't get better when he caught me with a big soft bag of cotton balls I shagged and tore open. It was kinda hard to deny any involvement what with 4 - 5 cotton balls stuck to my mouth. When dad saw their passport folder under my left front paw, his face got real red. I figured if I ate their passports, they'd have to stay here with me and Rip instead of going to Italy on vacation (although we get to stay at that great doggie hotel with all those nice people who pet us a lot).

Whew! I'm tired with all this typing. Not easy with paws! Time for a nap. Later gang.


Friday, March 12, 2010

watching mom

bolbolbol!!!! i see mom eating cookie.....wonder if she will give me any??? I don't think she is watching me...maybe i should sneek up on her....hmmmmm...nope...couch is tooo comfy....think i will rest longer!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

getting back to normal!

Finally!!! Things are finally getting back to normal. Mom doesn't have that funny metal thing on her leg or the scary cage thing she used to walk with. She and dad have taken us out for walks but mom still hasn't taken us on our usual long walk, she said she will later.

Mom has gotten pretty smart though...she has caught me in the bathroom trying to take her squishy thing...she said i couldn't have it.

I got back at mom brought up these big containers...whenever she does that it means they are going somewhere! Anyway, mom put some of her clothes in them....then she went to work and i helped her by taking them out of the container when she was at work!!! wasn't so happy when she got home!! oh...did i mention i took a nice leather case out of another seemed to get particularly upset about that...she said something about it having passports in it!!!

hmmmm...sofa looks good right now...time to rest!!