Monday, January 18, 2010

What's been happening's been some time since our last blog. Mommy's still walking around with the metal wheely thingie (Alle thinks it looks like one of those Transformer gizmos)and daddy has his thumb wrapped up in a big bandage. Watching him try to do things with a busted paw is soooo hiliarious but we try not to laugh (that would be unprofessional). As the doctor doggie of the family, I DO have ethical considerations to...uhhhh...well...consider. Laughing in front of a patient is considered bad form, so we do it behind their backs. BOL BOL BOL
Too bad he doesn't have 4 paws like me & Alle.

Anyway, we haven't gone for a walk in such a loooooong time...since mommy busted her leg and we are soooooo bummed out. Chaaa! This morning, we were throwing our toys all over the place and driving daddy nuts, but that's not as good as a walk. So we "arranged" for one of our toys to "accidently" land in the middle of daddy's desk. Daddy finally saw it & looked at us but me & Alle was take'n a nap (i.e. an alibi). Hey...we don't know nothin'. We got no idea how's that squeaky stuffed duck got there. He got the message. Kinda like that horse's head in the bed thing.

WALKS again...or else!


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