Friday, January 22, 2010

Bringing everyone up to speed!

Ok…it has been a while…let me bring everyone up to speed. So mom broke her leg…a couple of days later dad told us he had to take mom to the hospital so she could have surgery. He wasn’t sure what time that day he would be back home so he made sure we had plenty of food and water in the office. Dad was soooooo nice he put some blue papers down on the floor for us. We had a GREAT time shredding them!! Well, dad came home and said “WHAT DID YOU DO????” We just looked at him, what’s up with him??? Anyway, a couple of days later dad brought mom back home and she had a bandage around her knee and was with a funny cage like thing that she hopped around with. I checked out her knee and I told Alle that this was bad…reallllly bad…if mom were a greyhound…it would be a career ending break (something Alle wouldn’t know cause she never got the hang of racing!).
So, mom stayed at home for a few weeks. Alle wasn’t to fond of it cause mom always caught her when she got into trouble and she even heard when Alle tried to get things out of the bathroom. Mom wasn’t even able to walk around and she was really tired. I checked out her leg every day and gave a report to Alle. When dad went to the store, mom would have to sometimes let us out. Alle was really good….I would lie down in the living room and Alle would walk behind mom. When mom got close to the door to let us out Alle would let me know and then I would come to the door.
A little while after mom had surgery, dad had some surgery on his thumb (we really need to look for some healthy parents!). Now I had to check mom’s leg and dad’s thumb. Mom FINALLY went back to work still hopping and with that funny cage thing. She has just started putting weight on her broken leg (maybe that means things will start getting back to normal) but she said it will still take some time until her muscles are strong, but she is working really hard at getting them better. At least we are making progress.


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