Monday, November 22, 2010


Well, I guess no one else is going to blog about my second "exchange" with Alle, so I'll have to do it myself. Sure, mom put this T-shirt on me to keep me from riping out my NEW stitches and that restricts my movement, but I'll somehow try to type about...oh, did I forget to mention THAT MY SISTER ATTACKED ME AGAIN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT A WEEK AGO & TOOK AN EVEN BIGGER CHUNK OUT OF MY HIDE?!

Mom & dad keep us seperated now when we go to bed (I get our beds all to myself & Alle gets the couch, so there! BOLBOLBOL). I did manage to take a couple of nips out of Alle's hide so it wasn't entirely one sided - although I did get the worst of it by far (hey, she's bigger than me!).

Mom & dad are starting to think I caused the tiff but they can't prove anything. BOLBOLBOL, oooowwwww. (It hurts to laugh) *sigh*


Monday, November 8, 2010

well, I WAS feeling ok...

Saturday night, Allie & me got into a "wake the neighbors" growl fest around 3:00 a.m. Mom came in & Allie & me went out to pee but Allie didn't want to come back in. Mom had to drag her in and, the next morning, we found out why. The "Princess" must have felt guilty because she had taken a chunk out of my left side at my shoulder!!! Guess the bitch was scared of what mom or (gulp) dad would do to her if they found my wound.

Well, Sunday morning Allie led mom to my wound and showed it to her. Mom asked dad if we should go to the vet. Dad took one look at it and said, "Let's go...NOW"! Funny thing was...I felt pretty good. A little discomfort but I've had worse.

Well, I ended up spending over 5 hours at the vet, all before breakfast, and when I left, I didn't feel too good.

Now I have to take pills and mom wanted to put a T-shirt on me! (Haven't I suffered enough?!)

I need a nap. Hope Allie stays away or dad will kick her butt. (I can show dad where it is - it is kinda small)



Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Who was that bitch?!

Dad went to the store yesterday and when he came back...Rip & I could smell ANOTHER DOG'S SCENT on him!!!!! OMG! Sure he brought us treats, but we could smell ANOTHER DOG'S SCENT on him!!!!!

We sniffed his arms and chest for over 10 minutes and there's no doubt. Some bitch was rubbing up on him real good. We saw some stray, long white hairs on his shirt too. grrrrrrr

Dad described what that little home wrecker looked like and mom said it was a samoyed with blue eyes. It tries that again and it's gonna have BLACK & blue eyes! BOLBOLBOLBOL!!!

p.s.'s really windy out today. Hope we still get out for a walk.

Monday, October 4, 2010

TWO walks! Yea!

Oh this weekend was soooooo wonderful. we went for some great walks! Yesterday dad took us out for a walk in the was starting to get a little hot...and dad told us he was waiting for some guy to change the tire on mom's car...WHATEVER!! the important thing is...we got a walk!!! then mom took us for a walk later in the afternoon...there was a "gourmet food truck" near our house...mmmmmmmm the food smelled sooooooo said we weren't stopping there, darn...did we say that the food smelled sooooooo good. lots of people pet us and told us how pretty we!!! today it is a little drizzly...wonder if dad will take us out with our new coats on?


ripley and alle

Thursday, September 16, 2010

mom's birthday

bolbolbol!!!! today was mom's birthday!!!! we got her some birthday cards. Mom was coming to thank us when she saw me....I found her a mouse!!! I think she was really happy. She called dad then was pulling me out of the office. When she let us back in the mouse wasn't there any more. it was a very strange looked like it was stuck on wasn't moving very fast. Anyway mom seemed very so much.

Later Alle went into the bathroom and took out one of the nice squishy pads out of the bathtub and put it on the just shook her head when she came home.

it was such a good day!!!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back from hotel

Well, mom and dad picked us up from our hotel on Sunday....OMG we have to retrain them. HEY MOM AND DAD.....TREATS ARE REQUIRED ONCE WE GET HOME. We had to wait TEN MINUTES before they FINALLY remembered. HEY, you were only gone 10 days!!!!
Oh and the hotel was GREAT!!!

Rip and Alle

Thursday, August 12, 2010


So, last night mom heard a noise and WHY mom and dad immediately think i am getting into trouble really goes beyond me! Anyway....i was in the office and i saw a book that mom had given to dad about her retirement planning stuff. Weeellll...since i have retired, i figured that i could help mom, i took her book and started looking at it, but i got really tired so i had to rest....THAT was when mom came in and said..."REALLY don't need to help me!!" Dad thought that i was going to do some of my own planning, when mom reminded dad..."Alle has a retirement is us..."

Hey mom...that isn't nice ( is true!!)


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

splish-splash, I was taking a...walk!

OMG! This was sooooo funny!

Dad took us for a nice walk this morning. It was bright sunshiney...except for the parts of the road in the shade from trees. The bright sunshine contrasted (didn't think I knew big words like that, did ya, BOL) with the dark patches in the shade and made it impossible to see things in the shade like...oh, I don't the hole filled with dirty water that dad stepped into up to his ankle!!!!

Rippy & me saw it (of course) and we walked on either side of the hole and then, we may have, (he'll never be able to prove it) started jogging...ok, loping...a little faster and, voila! Dad splished - splashed into the water hole and let out a stream of...I think they're called, curses. Whatever, it...was...hilarious! Even dad started laughing after he finished his tirade.

All the way home, dad kept making squishy noises whenever he took a step with his right paw. Me & Rip kept glancing back at him over our shoulders and giggled all the way home.

Whew! WHAT a morning! Time for a nap. I'll have a smile on my face while I dream.


Monday, August 2, 2010

Best weekend ever!!

OMG!!! Mom went shopping this weekend and brought us some new squeaky toys!!!! One is SOOOOOO COOOOOL!! IT MAKES TWO NOISES!!! We don't think dad likes it so well....he was watching TV and told Alle to stop playing with it...Alle just looked at him and took it to the office so he wouldn't take it away! We really like the other toy too, but it just makes one squeaky sound....but it is LOUD!! Just the way we like it!!! THANKS MOM (dad says thanks too...hmmmmm...why didn't that sound sincere??!!)


Monday, July 19, 2010

this weekend!

So last week this guy came back and was doing stuff to the the end mom and dad had a new door put up. It is pretty when we are outside we can tell if mom and dad are paying attention to us so we don't have to beg to come back inside!
Well, this weekend mom was putting some stuff on the doors, aka...not paying attention to us, so when dad went outside too, Alle went into the bathroom and took these things out of the bathtub...they were kinda soft and was ok til dad went and asked mom where they said she didn't know and then dad said...never mind....found them, Alle took them to the office....ALLLLEEEEE!!
Sunday was more of the same but when mom let us in the house, she told us not to get into trouble...well, in our minds we didn't...course mom disagreed when she found Alle with her bag of little candy thingys and her payday bar on the called Alle a bad name and told said...well....the girl has taste!!! mom kinda stormed off, i think i heard her say more bad words to Alle!!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Payday & The Quilt

WHAT...a week so far!

On Monday, Alle found a bunch of big bath towels that mom had washed sitting on a low shelf. While dad was working in the office, she grabbed each of those towels and laid them out real nice on the living room floor (like mom does while putting together her quilts).

Well, Alle made her own quilt of about 7 big towels laid out all nice on the floor. She was on the couch admiring her artistic mastery when dad came out. He was flabberghasted...and started yelling. But even he had to chuckle after awhile and he complimented Alle's design sense. Of course, the (until recently) clean towels had to be put into the hamper for another wash.

Dad usually checks Alle to see if she's carrying something outdoors that she shouldn't. Now, he'll be checking me out too I'm afraid. Dad caught me eating something big out in the yard and asked what I had. I kept turning away from him so that he couldn't see what I was eating until I finished gulping the whole thing down. Then I gave him that, "what, me?" look. He found some paper scraps, but nothing to help identify what I ate. Only when mom came home and foud "someone" had rifled her purse and then found that a "Payday" bar was missing did they figure it out. BOL BOL BOL BOL!
That was really funny...and tasty! But now dad's watching me too.



Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So this is what really happened!

Dad took us out for our walk. We were minding our own business....which means we were doing our job...looking for rabbits and squirrels when all of the sudden there were 3 squirrels in front of us!!! OMG!!!! well, they saw right when we saw them! We saw opportunity and we went for them!!!! Dad...well...he just wasn't paying enough attention to us so he didn't totally appreciate our speed and agility (especially Rippy's...after all dad...she was a great racer in her day!!!)!!!! Unfortunately, those squirrels leaped for the tree and got away....OMG you should have heard them...have to admit...they were pretty speedy as well!


Dad guest blogs

Well, my left arm is now officially 1 inch longer than my right arm.

I was out walking the girls, made the turn at County Line Rd, and about half way to lower Notre Dame (at the tree just past Chaz’s home), 3 squirrels' gaze simultaneously met Rip & Allie’s gaze. I, unfortunately, was a split second late on the uptake and only noticed the “Road Runner” like velocity after it was unfolding. The squirrels all leaped halfway up the tree and our monsters (Rip especially) made a move toward them I didn’t think possible according to the laws of physics. (But then, Rip & Alle never studied law.) My arm was yanked like a Republican taking candy from a baby! YEOW!

I’ll never forget the wide-eyed look in the eyes of those squirrels that screamed “Oh Sh*t!”, and the cloud of dust from their departure is no exaggeration. All in all, an experience I will remember long after my arm stops aching.


Rip & Alle's dad

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the quartet

Last night, while we were all watching tv, mom & dad starting howling (similar to rooing but not as sweet). Welllllll, me & rip joined right in adding our beautiful rooing to the mix. It...was...awesome! Me & rip got really excited and stormed dad. He's not sure if we were congratulating him and mom for their singing, or getting ready to take a chunk out of him for his killing the song with that voice! O...M...G...!!!! That was sooooo funny!

Time to finish my treat and go back to sleep (beauty sleep, of course).


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

hmmmmm soft new towels!

So, can you believe that mom went out to the store a few days ago and DIDN'T BRING US ANYTHING HOME?????!!! we were sooooooo upset! we got back at mom though...when dad wasn't looking we got these nice fluffy, incredibly soft new towels down that mom bought! mom came home and said..."hey what is this?" said..."what??" and mom showed him the towels we took! dad said "i just turned my back on them for a second." mom asked us which one of us did this...we just stared back at said she thought both of us were in on this....BOLBOLBOL!!!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

New walking coats!

when mom got home yesterday, she found a package waiting for asked if it was more fabric...but she didn't answer him...when she opened the package up we had NEW JACKETS!!! mom got us new light jackets for days she said that aren't cold enough for our winter jackets but are still a little cold for us! mom and dad tried them on us and we look soooooo great!!!! of course how could we not look great!!! then mom gave us treats and we ate dinner and went to sleep!!! a GREYT day!

Rip and alle

Friday, May 21, 2010

learned something today

So i was watching mom when she through away a perfectly good i watched her and lopped over to the trash to retrieve it! mom SNEAKED up behind me and scared me...she told me to get my nose out of the trash...that she was watching me! I ran over to told me i should have waited a while to go to the trash..not lopped over so quickly....GTK!!! I will work on that!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We were up this morning singing at 4:30, it was a beautiful short little number. we are pretty sure mom and dad liked it! we went back to sleep once we were done. Wonder if dad is going to take us for a long is kinda rainy outside. we didn't get up to go outside when dad got up.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I lost the bet

WOW! Dad took us for the same lonnnng walk today that he & mom took us on yesterday. I bet Rip that he would get lost! BOLBOLBOL

I lost. %#$@%^$! It took awhile, and he's really pooped, but he found his way back home. (He did chicken out on climbing down the steep trail so we had to go back to the street route)

Time for a nap.


Friday, May 14, 2010

ANOTHER lonnng walk

What is it with dad?!?! He took us for ANOTHER long walk today. Rip was really shagged out and I was pooped! (Actually, we both pooped...I mean me & Rip - not dad)

We're relaxing now. Too tired to drive dad nuts for now. Maybe later...when he's trying to watch tv with mom. BOLBOLBOL!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Dad took us on a really long walk this morning...we actually think he got lost when trying to find the goat and llama house mom showed him when she and dad took us for a walk this weekend! We were REALLY hungry when we got home!!!

HHHAAAAHHHHAAAHHHHAAAAA. mom said she was going to take a i waited until she was done then i went to my food and started eating! I only did it to fool her....once i finished eating...Rip came over and started eating and i went to the bathroom and got moms squishy thing! It would have worked had dad not commented on how much we were eating and mom asked who was eating and dad said "rip". Mom then jumped up...came to the office where i was just getting comfortable and grabbed her squishy thing and called me a bad name!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hey...what's this?!

Yesterday, there was a bunch of men working in our front yard all day. We couldn't use it to relieve ourselves! That's the bad news. The good news is...daddy was forced to take us for A WALK every time we had to go. We dragged his butt out 8 or 9 times. True, some of the times we really didn't have to go...we just wanted to get out of the house (and, towards the end, we were making him walk us just for the hell of it), but we had a great time!

This morning the dirt in the front yard, that we spent so much time cultivating, was replaced by what looked like grass!!! It was gorgeous! Great footing for when we chase each other. It was nice to lay on it too. Soft & cool

Mom & Dad are the best!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

sleeping soundly!

here we were sleeping last night when mom said to dad "i hear something." dad said, "well look and see if we got a mouse" said she couldn't and she still heard something. dad came out of the office and found a mouse caught on a "sticky pad." mom looked at us and said..."HEY....THERE IS A MOUSE AND YOU JUST SLEEP????" HEY MOM..NO NEED TO YELL AT US! We go after game that matters...that little mouse wouldn't even be a treat for us!

rip and alle

Saturday, April 24, 2010

"training" video!

bolbolbol!!!! mom and dad told us to watch this dog on tv save its owner...they told us to take lessons!! yea right!!! they told alle if there was a fire, instead of getting help, she would probably look for another on fire...must find new couch!! admittedly, that is probably what alle would do! I would stay with mom and dad.....well...maybe!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finally...good treats!!!!

We FINALLY got our great blue dog bakery treats! Mom and dad ran out and they were giving us some lame treats until their order for our treats were delivered. OMG all we can say about the lame treats is that...well they were treats....but not blue dog treats....we LOVE them. dad told mom not to give us as many...MOM...HEY DON'T LISTEN TO DAD!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Around my paw

This was sooooo cool. Last night, while mom & dad were watching tv, I layed in front of dad's recliner and kept wistfully whining, louder & louder. I kept looking at dad with my big soulful eyes (I got that look down to an art form) until he finally got up and started rubbing my belly. Mom was laughing her butt off and dad said something about me having him wrapped around my little(?) paw. Oh...that is soooo true but, hey, nobody gives a belly rub as good as dad does!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

mom is late

OMG!!! mom called dad and told him she missed her bus so she will be home late. dad said "you aren't on the bus yet?" apparently mom said no....she was on her way to the bus stop...the terrible part...WE WON'T GET OUR MOM TREATS UNTIL LATE!!!! HOW BAD IS THAT??? mom got home and she remembered to give us our treats and she gave rippy her last dose of medicine. Rip was glad about that!!!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Great singing!

Mom and dad are sooooo happy cause Rip is feeling better. We were soooo excited that we sang for mom and dad last night! It was a great serenade and we are pretty sure mom and dad liked it cause they didn't interrupt us at all! when mom got up this morning she told us our singing was just beautiful!!!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

dad left me home

Darn dad! Dad left me home and took rippy to the doctor just because she was coughing. Then mom came home and she paid attention to rip and IGNORED ME....HEY MOM...TREAT TIME!!!! mom gave rippy some medicine and then gave her some soup...i wanted some but mom and dad said no, it was for rippy. RIPPY RIPPY RIPPY....hrumph...i am going to go on the sofa and sleep....oh....time for giving me treat! rippy doesn't want can i have rip's? grrrrr mom said no.


Monday, April 5, 2010

no squishy thing tonight!

Darn that mom....she took a shower and when she went to the living room she saw rippy sleeping on the floor. She told dad rippy clearly was tired...then she asked dad...hey....where's alle? Then she went back to the shower after she looked at me. I was just going to get up to look for her squishy thing...i guess mom figured that out cause i heard her go and hang it up. GRRRRRR....that mom is really smart!


Sunday, April 4, 2010


What a great day!! Mom and dad took us for a walk. We showed dad the way mom takes us. OMG!!! at the bottom of the road there was a BIG BUNNY!!!! and it was waving at us....Rip and i kinda looked at it...we weren't really sure if we were supposed to chase it or greet it. it was standing on two legs...kinda unusual for a bunny. Then it talked!!! Talked!! just like mom and dad! Mom and dad even talked to it!! that was really weird! Then we saw the whippet across the told us to ignore had never seen it before so we had to show him how we listen to mom and just ignore it! We showed dad where Bear lives. when he saw where Chaz lives he figured exactly were we were! it was a great walk!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

why we got bacon and eggs

So NOW we know why we got bacon and eggs...MOM AND DAD WENT ON A VACATION!!! the good thing about that was that we got to go to the hotel! we LOVE the hotel...heated floors so our tootsies stay warm...we get lots of pets, the food is good...ok...not bacon and eggs...but we know what happened when we last got that!! Mom and dad got home and YEY....THEY BROUGHT US NEW TOYS!! As much as we love the hotel, we are glad to be home...Alle laid on our beds when mom came in and said..."Alle, how can i make your beds when you are laying on them?" Alle just stared at mom put the covers down and waited until Alle got up! yep...we are glad to be home!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

bacon AND eggs was making herself some bacon this morning so alle went in the kitchen and made sad eyes at mom so mom made us bacon AND eggs for breakfast this morning....was it yummy!!! mom and dad still have those big boxes we think we will be going to the hotel soon. dad said something about "cleaning out the refrigerator"...hmmmm if that means more food for us, we are good with that!! mmmmmm......bacon and eggs....


Saturday, March 20, 2010


So mom took this hot thing out and started using it. she put the thing down on the ground so i came over and laid on top of it. Mom wasn't happy!!! Mom said "Alle, what are you doing, you know....i don't iron squares just for you...i am trying to arrange this quilt." HEY MOM, listen up....yeah you do iron squares for is all about me (and sometimes Ripley!)! Uh oh...Rip is lookin mean at me. Well, HEY Mom listen up it is all about us!!!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


BOLBOLBOL!!!! Dad found me with mom's towel this morning and took it away from me...he glared at me....Not to worry, i got back at him...when he wasn't looking i went and got mom's towel and dad's washcloth! Dad wasn't too happy!!

Then i went into the shower and got mom's scrunchy thing....DARN MOM....SHE CAUGHT ME WITH IT IN MY MOUTH. I tried to out run mom but she knew where i was going so she got it and took it away. I glared at mom!!!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stupid door

I really loooove dad's pillows. Saturday while mom was at the store and dad was on the computer in his office, I sneaked into their bedroom (mom always forgets to close the doors...bolbolbolbol) and I grabbed dad's soft, feather pillow. I was dragging it out to my couch when it got hung up on that stupid bathroom door. The more I pulled, the more the door closed until I had to let go and the door slammed shut.

I loped outta there and dad shot up to see what the hey happened. I gave him my innocent "what me?" look but he knew somethin' was up. He backtracked my steps & saw the bathroom door shut. He had to force it open because the big pillow was right behind the door and wedged under it. Dad said some really loud words.

Stupid door. Dad was p***ed and he didn't get better when he caught me with a big soft bag of cotton balls I shagged and tore open. It was kinda hard to deny any involvement what with 4 - 5 cotton balls stuck to my mouth. When dad saw their passport folder under my left front paw, his face got real red. I figured if I ate their passports, they'd have to stay here with me and Rip instead of going to Italy on vacation (although we get to stay at that great doggie hotel with all those nice people who pet us a lot).

Whew! I'm tired with all this typing. Not easy with paws! Time for a nap. Later gang.


Friday, March 12, 2010

watching mom

bolbolbol!!!! i see mom eating cookie.....wonder if she will give me any??? I don't think she is watching me...maybe i should sneek up on her....hmmmmm...nope...couch is tooo comfy....think i will rest longer!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

getting back to normal!

Finally!!! Things are finally getting back to normal. Mom doesn't have that funny metal thing on her leg or the scary cage thing she used to walk with. She and dad have taken us out for walks but mom still hasn't taken us on our usual long walk, she said she will later.

Mom has gotten pretty smart though...she has caught me in the bathroom trying to take her squishy thing...she said i couldn't have it.

I got back at mom brought up these big containers...whenever she does that it means they are going somewhere! Anyway, mom put some of her clothes in them....then she went to work and i helped her by taking them out of the container when she was at work!!! wasn't so happy when she got home!! oh...did i mention i took a nice leather case out of another seemed to get particularly upset about that...she said something about it having passports in it!!!

hmmmm...sofa looks good right now...time to rest!!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Bringing everyone up to speed!

Ok…it has been a while…let me bring everyone up to speed. So mom broke her leg…a couple of days later dad told us he had to take mom to the hospital so she could have surgery. He wasn’t sure what time that day he would be back home so he made sure we had plenty of food and water in the office. Dad was soooooo nice he put some blue papers down on the floor for us. We had a GREAT time shredding them!! Well, dad came home and said “WHAT DID YOU DO????” We just looked at him, what’s up with him??? Anyway, a couple of days later dad brought mom back home and she had a bandage around her knee and was with a funny cage like thing that she hopped around with. I checked out her knee and I told Alle that this was bad…reallllly bad…if mom were a greyhound…it would be a career ending break (something Alle wouldn’t know cause she never got the hang of racing!).
So, mom stayed at home for a few weeks. Alle wasn’t to fond of it cause mom always caught her when she got into trouble and she even heard when Alle tried to get things out of the bathroom. Mom wasn’t even able to walk around and she was really tired. I checked out her leg every day and gave a report to Alle. When dad went to the store, mom would have to sometimes let us out. Alle was really good….I would lie down in the living room and Alle would walk behind mom. When mom got close to the door to let us out Alle would let me know and then I would come to the door.
A little while after mom had surgery, dad had some surgery on his thumb (we really need to look for some healthy parents!). Now I had to check mom’s leg and dad’s thumb. Mom FINALLY went back to work still hopping and with that funny cage thing. She has just started putting weight on her broken leg (maybe that means things will start getting back to normal) but she said it will still take some time until her muscles are strong, but she is working really hard at getting them better. At least we are making progress.


Monday, January 18, 2010

What's been happening's been some time since our last blog. Mommy's still walking around with the metal wheely thingie (Alle thinks it looks like one of those Transformer gizmos)and daddy has his thumb wrapped up in a big bandage. Watching him try to do things with a busted paw is soooo hiliarious but we try not to laugh (that would be unprofessional). As the doctor doggie of the family, I DO have ethical considerations to...uhhhh...well...consider. Laughing in front of a patient is considered bad form, so we do it behind their backs. BOL BOL BOL
Too bad he doesn't have 4 paws like me & Alle.

Anyway, we haven't gone for a walk in such a loooooong time...since mommy busted her leg and we are soooooo bummed out. Chaaa! This morning, we were throwing our toys all over the place and driving daddy nuts, but that's not as good as a walk. So we "arranged" for one of our toys to "accidently" land in the middle of daddy's desk. Daddy finally saw it & looked at us but me & Alle was take'n a nap (i.e. an alibi). Hey...we don't know nothin'. We got no idea how's that squeaky stuffed duck got there. He got the message. Kinda like that horse's head in the bed thing.

WALKS again...or else!