Sunday, December 6, 2009


Mom and dad took us to the park again today with one of their friends. We had soooooo much fun until mom fell. So what happened to mom???? well, there were some dogs running and apparently a dog ran into mom and hit her leg really hard, mom landed on the ground...she said she was really hurting. when she tried to stand up, she couldn't stand on one leg. dad and another person carried mom to the car and then dad got us. They took us home but mom didn't get out of the car. then mom and dad left...OMG!! they didn't get home for HOURS!!!! When they had these funny sticks with her...they were pretty scarry. dad said something about mom having broken her leg...DAD WHAT DOES THAT MEAN TO US....WE STILL GET TO GO ON WALKS AND TO THE PARK AGAIN...RIGHT??????

we hope so, mom is really scary with those stick even had dinner with her legs sticking up....hmmmmmmm something is really not right here...

ripley and alle

Saturday, December 5, 2009

our great adventure!

OMG have we ever been busy!!! Mom and dad had lots of people over for something they call thanksgiving! Soooo many people came over. Grandma brought us some bones to play with. Everything was going great, until Mom's nephew ratted on Ripley (he had the nerve to point out Rippy was peeing! Well...Rippy just didn't want to miss out on anything!!). We had GREAT food for the next few days cause mom had cooked for us as well!!!

Today mom and dad took us to a doggie park....OMG we ran soooooo hard! there were doggies there chasing some balls, LOLOLOLOLOLOL they thought they were soooo fast...well we showed them!!! we gave them a head start but we got to the ball faster! of course it was their balls so we let them take it back to their dads! Mom threw our balls but we didn't take them back to her so she had to go get them! Mom and dad said they will take us back there. we had lllllooootttts of fun!! we were so tired when we got home, we went to sleep.