Monday, November 2, 2009

where is my sofa??????

OMG!!! what a and dad had some guys and dad said we had to stay in the office so they couldn't pet bad was that!!! when they left, mom and dad still told us we had to stay in the office. Finally, later on, they let us in the living room....OMG!!! THE SOFA ISN'T WHERE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE. i told mom and dad but they just said it was going to stay this way....this isn't right. rippy just laid down and went to sleep.

On sunday, mom took us on a long walk. I had words with a dalmatian after it had words with me. i put him in his place!! it took a while to get mom to take us out. she said that the time silly, time doesn't change..but mom is now getting home when it is dark out!


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