Monday, November 23, 2009

mom's candy! was a great day!!! I tried on mom's camisole and took her socks..until dad found them. Then we got our great new jackets!! OMG we look soooo cool in will take a picture of us in them. She got them special from England.
then mom got mad at me....I don't get it...she caught me with her umbrella, and her candy. I already had eaten the twixt was worried about me but mom said i would live unless she had at me said he would protect me from mom. I was getting ready to eat her payday bar when she grabbed it from me! OMG there i was...out the umbrella and candy..well, maybe we can sing for mom and dad again like we did a couple of days ago! it was a wonderful serenade and it was early enough mom and dad could enjoy it!


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