Saturday, October 10, 2009

pretty uneventful

mom took us on long walk today and we saw a rottweiler. alle wanted to meet it but mom said she didn't know it and she wasn't sure if it was a nice dog. It didn't want to come near us so we just walked by and ignored him. When we were in the park, we saw a lady walking two small dogs, a Lhasa apso and a shar pei...alle wanted to play with them so she barked at them....they ran behind the lady....we were told alle not to scare them...we had seen them before. then on our way home, we saw the goat and llama...the goat actually said hi (at least that is what we think it said..we are not up on our "goat").

this afternoon some guy came is a new neighbor...he was talking to dad. he seemed very nice, alle saw something and she raced after it...yea..the girl does have it in her to run...anyway..the guy said he should have us to chase rabbits from his yard...he said he has a lot...mmmmmmmmmm rabbits!!!

i had my shots yesterday. dad took both of us and everyone at the doctors office pet us and told us how wonderful we are...yes...we know! we are fabulous!!


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