Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gotta be more quiet

Well, THIS time...I grabbed TWO big towels AND a washcloth and brought them into our bedroom so fast, Dad didn't have time to make it out of his chair before he noticed I was already laying down on my bed looking innocent! ("I don't know how that stuff got there" eye contact) I have to admit, it was kinda noisy this time, but I did manage to get the wet towel (dad took a shower this a.m.) OFF OF THE TOWEL RACK (first time ever!)...and an extra towel and washcloth out of the hamper. Stumbling on the trash can in the bathroom made some noise when I yanked the towel off the rack.

A girl has to have new challenges! BOBOBOLBOL

Even dad was impressed this time. He stood up & applauded.

Yep...I'm the greatest!

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