Friday, October 16, 2009

finally walks!!

it was raining a few days this week so dad didn't take us for a walk...not to worry...we managed to cause enough work for dad in the house!!! we raced and chased and got into stuff!! Dad was really happy when it stopped raining and we went for walks!! So what did we do...well...we got into mom's sewing into trash...found some into dads office drawer where he keeps treats for us...

then a couple of nights ago...there were lots of cars around our and dad said they were police cars. mom and dad took us out to see what was going on...the police thought we were beautiful...well...duh!!!

then a night ago, mom was running to get something from the office at the same time ripley was running to the kitchen. rip saw mom and turned, mom dove over rip to keep from hurting her...OMG you should have seen mom!!!! She looked like something from a circus!! Rip didn't get hit, dad ran to see how mom was, she was ok!

What a busy week!!!!

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