Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fan Club

OMG! When dad took us for a walk this morning, like...this lady in a car (a Mercedes...chaaaa), stopped next to us and said, "Hi gorgeous". (I hope dad didn't think she was talking to him, but I did hear him whisper, HEY NOW! WELL...HOW DEE DO!) BOLBOLBOLBOL Ohhhh, puh...leeze!

Then she said she had to get out and say hello. Ahhh, our fans! She came around to us and petted us and kissed us and said all kinds of wonderful things about how gorgeous we were (and by "we", I mean me). We never get tired of our adoring fans and their petting.

Hope we meet more fans tomorrow!

Hey...I heard that crack about "and by 'we', I mean me". That alle is so full of herself and, judging from what she did during our walk this morning, TWICE, she's full of something else too! BOLBOLBOLBOL


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