Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fan Club

OMG! When dad took us for a walk this morning, like...this lady in a car (a Mercedes...chaaaa), stopped next to us and said, "Hi gorgeous". (I hope dad didn't think she was talking to him, but I did hear him whisper, HEY NOW! WELL...HOW DEE DO!) BOLBOLBOLBOL Ohhhh, puh...leeze!

Then she said she had to get out and say hello. Ahhh, our fans! She came around to us and petted us and kissed us and said all kinds of wonderful things about how gorgeous we were (and by "we", I mean me). We never get tired of our adoring fans and their petting.

Hope we meet more fans tomorrow!

Hey...I heard that crack about "and by 'we', I mean me". That alle is so full of herself and, judging from what she did during our walk this morning, TWICE, she's full of something else too! BOLBOLBOLBOL


Friday, October 16, 2009

finally walks!!

it was raining a few days this week so dad didn't take us for a walk...not to worry...we managed to cause enough work for dad in the house!!! we raced and chased and got into stuff!! Dad was really happy when it stopped raining and we went for walks!! So what did we do...well...we got into mom's sewing into trash...found some into dads office drawer where he keeps treats for us...

then a couple of nights ago...there were lots of cars around our and dad said they were police cars. mom and dad took us out to see what was going on...the police thought we were beautiful...well...duh!!!

then a night ago, mom was running to get something from the office at the same time ripley was running to the kitchen. rip saw mom and turned, mom dove over rip to keep from hurting her...OMG you should have seen mom!!!! She looked like something from a circus!! Rip didn't get hit, dad ran to see how mom was, she was ok!

What a busy week!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

pretty uneventful

mom took us on long walk today and we saw a rottweiler. alle wanted to meet it but mom said she didn't know it and she wasn't sure if it was a nice dog. It didn't want to come near us so we just walked by and ignored him. When we were in the park, we saw a lady walking two small dogs, a Lhasa apso and a shar pei...alle wanted to play with them so she barked at them....they ran behind the lady....we were told alle not to scare them...we had seen them before. then on our way home, we saw the goat and llama...the goat actually said hi (at least that is what we think it said..we are not up on our "goat").

this afternoon some guy came is a new neighbor...he was talking to dad. he seemed very nice, alle saw something and she raced after it...yea..the girl does have it in her to run...anyway..the guy said he should have us to chase rabbits from his yard...he said he has a lot...mmmmmmmmmm rabbits!!!

i had my shots yesterday. dad took both of us and everyone at the doctors office pet us and told us how wonderful we are...yes...we know! we are fabulous!!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

this guy wasn't too smart!

LOLOLOLOLOLOL we were out for a walk with mom this morning and some guy was "running" with two dalmatians. Alle wanted to go with him but the guy said we probably wouldn't be able to keep up...LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL...I could have run 500 yards in 30 seconds (well anyway i could...alle...well...she can still run pretty fast when she wants to!). mom told us to settle down, the guy clearly did NOT know to whom he was talking!! Then we saw some golden retrievers in the park just running and said we couldn't do that cause the park was not fenced so we could be safe. Oh was a great walk!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gotta be more quiet

Well, THIS time...I grabbed TWO big towels AND a washcloth and brought them into our bedroom so fast, Dad didn't have time to make it out of his chair before he noticed I was already laying down on my bed looking innocent! ("I don't know how that stuff got there" eye contact) I have to admit, it was kinda noisy this time, but I did manage to get the wet towel (dad took a shower this a.m.) OFF OF THE TOWEL RACK (first time ever!)...and an extra towel and washcloth out of the hamper. Stumbling on the trash can in the bathroom made some noise when I yanked the towel off the rack.

A girl has to have new challenges! BOBOBOLBOL

Even dad was impressed this time. He stood up & applauded.

Yep...I'm the greatest!