Monday, September 28, 2009

new socks!!

This was soooo great...well until dad found out. Mom bought some new socks for me and i found them in the bathroom (well, they probably were for her, but what do i know...i am just a dog, i am beautiful and it is really all about me!). So since they were sooooo convenient, i took them. i tried to put them on, but i got tired and decided to take a nap. Well, dad saw one of the socks on the bathroom floor (d*^%must have fallen when i took them) and called mom. he then came looking for me and there i was laying peacefully on the couch. He found the other three socks by my head. He told me that mom said they were not for me and took them away...hmmmm i wonder if that is really what mom said or if dad was just making that up, was with mom when she bought them for herself...D#@$% Mom!!!


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