Wednesday, September 23, 2009

just resting!

So there i was, lying peacefully on the bed when dad came in and said "hey girl...what you doing?" I kinda ignored him...and he said "well, ok, you can stay...but BE GOOD!" yea....WHAT EVER!!!

well, i got up, and took the towel out of dad's gym bag....then dad came in and found it and took it away from me...hey...i just want to be comfortable!

when he left i took one of his flip flops and had it next to me...D#$%* dad...he found that and took it away too....HEY DAD!!!

I showed him though....i went into the closet and took out one of his sandals and had it on the bed with me....i was almost totally asleep when DARN THAT DAD...HERE HE COMES AGAIN!! he took his shoe and told me now i had to get off the bed and leave the bedroom....GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!


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