Saturday, September 19, 2009


OMG...just got back from LLLLLLOOOOOONNNNGGGG walk with mom..we are so tired we can barely get this blog out!

So we left the house this morning and Chaz was there....Chaz lives down the street from us and he just roams the streets it seems...anyway, there he was. He followed us, we went by his house and we figured he would stay home, but nooooooo...he continued following us! he followed us into the park/reservoir area where we met two other dogs...a beagle and what looked to be a dogue de bordeaux, they were very nice. mom was talking to their parents while chaz explored the flat area of the park. When we continued on our walk, chaz came with us, he wanted to play and so did alle but mom said alle couldn't be off her leash (mom really is smart!). We were on our way home and chaz was in front of us when suddenly he went into a yard....we heard lots of noise and then chaz runs out....OMG..he was ALL WET! He had been sloshing around in a water feature/pond in someones front yard!! LOLOLOLOLOL, now he was wet and dirty!!!! we passed his house on the way home but he stayed with us and when we got home, he went to lie down in the horses told dad she wouldn't want to be Chaz's parents when he gets home!!!!

now it is time to sleep.


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