Tuesday, September 8, 2009

back home

Wooohoooo!!! Mom and dad are home!!!! We had sooooo much fun at the hotel, but it is really good to be home....WHAT NO PRESENTS FOR US!!! OMG!! Oh well, at least mom and dad didn't forget how to give us treats!!

LOLOLOL!!!! Alle had to get her shots while she was at the hospital!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

UH OH mom finally found her Herrods umbrella that i took (actually Nellie found it, took it away from me and put it up....mom just didn't know where she put it). Mom said "NO Alle, it is not yours!!!"

Hey, what is this...looks like dad brought Alle some cool new shirts!!! Hey dad, these are really cool....WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY ARE NOT FOR ME???????? Man, we are ready to go back to the hotel!!!!

OMG....WHAT DID MOM DO....there is a TREE in the corner of our yard....HELLOOOO....MOM....THAT IS WHERE WE NAP!!!! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?????

Riply and Alle

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