Tuesday, September 29, 2009

mmmmmm taffy

HEY....Whats up with this!!! Mom and dad were holding out on us...they brought us some salt water taffy home with them when they came back from vacation!! Fortunately, i found it and have sunk my teeth into the box! Darn that dad...he found it and took it away from me...I fixed him though...i kept some pieces under me so he wouldn't find them...mmmmmmmmm sure is good! Uh oh...here is dad...he is telling me to drop it...hmmmm drop or swallow...drop or swallow.......


Monday, September 28, 2009

new socks!!

This was soooo great...well until dad found out. Mom bought some new socks for me and i found them in the bathroom (well, they probably were for her, but what do i know...i am just a dog, i am beautiful and it is really all about me!). So since they were sooooo convenient, i took them. i tried to put them on, but i got tired and decided to take a nap. Well, dad saw one of the socks on the bathroom floor (d*^%must have fallen when i took them) and called mom. he then came looking for me and there i was laying peacefully on the couch. He found the other three socks by my head. He told me that mom said they were not for me and took them away...hmmmm i wonder if that is really what mom said or if dad was just making that up, oh...dad was with mom when she bought them for herself...D#@$% Mom!!!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

the wiggle waggle

Mom and dad took us to a wiggle waggle walk today. mom said it was a benefit for the Pasadena Humane Society...OMG it was sooooo hot...everybody admired us and pet us. Ripley was a bit scared of all the big dogs, mom kept telling her she was ok, mom wouldn't let anyone hurt her. Mom and dad tried to keep us in the shade but we did have to go out in the sun a fair amount. Anyway...they had us walking it seemed like foooorrrreeevvveeerrrr! There were spots of water...we were getting ready to leave when riple walked into one of the water things and just laid down! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???!!! THE WATER WASN'T EVEN CLEAN!!!! I didn't go in the water...what and mess up my hair???!! Rippy did look comfy though...take a look at her in the water.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Down on the Farm

Mom helped us get ready for the "Down on the Farm" PawPawty this weekend. Don't we look great on the llama farm?

rip and all

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

just resting!

So there i was, lying peacefully on the bed when dad came in and said "hey girl...what you doing?" I kinda ignored him...and he said "well, ok, you can stay...but BE GOOD!" yea....WHAT EVER!!!

well, i got up, and took the towel out of dad's gym bag....then dad came in and found it and took it away from me...hey...i just want to be comfortable!

when he left i took one of his flip flops and had it next to me...D#$%* dad...he found that and took it away too....HEY DAD!!!

I showed him though....i went into the closet and took out one of his sandals and had it on the bed with me....i was almost totally asleep when DARN THAT DAD...HERE HE COMES AGAIN!! he took his shoe and told me now i had to get off the bed and leave the bedroom....GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


LOLOLOLOL took moms scrunch thing....uh oh...dropped it on the way outside....DOH!!! Dad found it and took it away from me. then dad called mom....he told mom it was smaller, but still alive...he asked mom why she didn't put it up...mom said she was thinking of other things...dad said like that is a good thing!! oooooo....do i note sarcasm??!!


Saturday, September 19, 2009


OMG...just got back from LLLLLLOOOOOONNNNGGGG walk with mom..we are so tired we can barely get this blog out!

So we left the house this morning and Chaz was there....Chaz lives down the street from us and he just roams the streets it seems...anyway, there he was. He followed us, we went by his house and we figured he would stay home, but nooooooo...he continued following us! he followed us into the park/reservoir area where we met two other dogs...a beagle and what looked to be a dogue de bordeaux, they were very nice. mom was talking to their parents while chaz explored the flat area of the park. When we continued on our walk, chaz came with us, he wanted to play and so did alle but mom said alle couldn't be off her leash (mom really is smart!). We were on our way home and chaz was in front of us when suddenly he went into a yard....we heard lots of noise and then chaz runs out....OMG..he was ALL WET! He had been sloshing around in a water feature/pond in someones front yard!! LOLOLOLOLOL, now he was wet and dirty!!!! we passed his house on the way home but he stayed with us and when we got home, he went to lie down in the horses area..WOW....mom told dad she wouldn't want to be Chaz's parents when he gets home!!!!

now it is time to sleep.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the tree!

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Mom bought us a little tree (emphasis on LITTLE). she said it would grow bigger and give us shade...RIGHT MOM!!! She planted it in the corner of the yard where we like to lie down...well, we showed mom...GET US A BIG TREE OR DON'T BOTHER!!! we dug it up! Dad tried to stop us, but he wasn't outside with us all the time! mom came home and is trying to replant the tree!!!! oh....this is soooooo great!!!

ripley and alle

Sunday, September 13, 2009

mom's purse

LOLOLOLOL...i took mom's purse and took out her insurance papers and band aid kit! LOLOLOLOL!!! Mom found it though...she told me i could NOT take the car to drive and i didn't need any band aids! so mom took those away and put them back in her purse. When mom was eating lunch (not giving me any....by the way MOM!!!) i took her purse....DOH!!!! MOM caught me!!! Mom said i could not have her purse or any of its contents! Darn!! That means the credit cards are out....FOR NOW!!!!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


LOLOLOLOL....we were sooooo happy, we were singing last night! Somehow we don't think mom and dad enjoyed it as much as we did cause they came in our room, asked us what was up, let us outside....HELLLOOOO....mom and dad it was 2AM????? What exactly were we to do outside at that hour???? We just stared at the door til mom let us back in and we went to bed!!


Ripley and alle

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

back home

Wooohoooo!!! Mom and dad are home!!!! We had sooooo much fun at the hotel, but it is really good to be home....WHAT NO PRESENTS FOR US!!! OMG!! Oh well, at least mom and dad didn't forget how to give us treats!!

LOLOLOL!!!! Alle had to get her shots while she was at the hospital!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

UH OH mom finally found her Herrods umbrella that i took (actually Nellie found it, took it away from me and put it up....mom just didn't know where she put it). Mom said "NO Alle, it is not yours!!!"

Hey, what is this...looks like dad brought Alle some cool new shirts!!! Hey dad, these are really cool....WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY ARE NOT FOR ME???????? Man, we are ready to go back to the hotel!!!!

OMG....WHAT DID MOM DO....there is a TREE in the corner of our yard....HELLOOOO....MOM....THAT IS WHERE WE NAP!!!! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?????

Riply and Alle