Tuesday, August 25, 2009

what a day

Darn it!!!! dad let us out today...i turned around cause i dropped something and dad saw it...OMG dad said "alle....how did this washcloth get here???" I just looked at dad and said...what are you talking about? but dad said...i didn't drop it here...ripley doesn't go in the bathroom...that just leaves you. I tried to say hey what about mom???!! Dad said and mom is at work...THAT LEAVES YOU!! Grrrrrrr!!!!

Dad also caught me with the Trader Joe's bag...hey can i help it...Mom went to Trader Joe's and i was trying to see if she got us anything....she didn't give us anything...so i could only assume that she forgot to take it out of the bag (dad took a pic of me with it).

Then mom caught me with her work stuff...she told me that if i wanted to help with her work...i had to tell her...she didn't want to get to work and find out i had taken it!

We actually think mom and dad are up to something...rip has been checking out the rolly bags mom brought upstairs. mom has been putting stuff in them...something is up...we know!


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