Tuesday, August 18, 2009

on guard and scaring dad!!!

OMG!!! dad heard a noise in the living room and raced out to see what alle was getting into! For once he found that alle wasn't really in trouble....she saw a squirrel on our BALCONY!!! she started roooooing....the squirrel looked at her and man, you should have seen it leap off the balcony...we think it was a new world record!!!

BOLBOLBOL!!!! dad called mom yesterday cause he said my nose was warm and dry. Mom told him that it was ok...i was still running around and eating well. So anyway today dad was standing up getting something out of his cabinet thingy and i sneaked up behind him and poked him with my nose...which by the way was wet and cold today!!! WOW we didn't know dad could jump that high!! BOLBOLBOL!!!!


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