Saturday, July 4, 2009

The store!

what a busy day we had yesterday! mom took us for a walk...she didn't go to work...we wondered about that but then she took us to the store and bought us some new toys and treats!! Everyone looked at us and wanted to pet us....we LOVE pets!!! Mom told us that everyone does not need to pet us...RIGHT!!! LOOK AT US MOM...We are beautiful....of course they need to pet us!! We saw some furry things running around in some cages at the store....they didn't quite look like rabbits and mom said we couldn't get them. Then alle saw some birds they were right near her! she jumped at the said she couldn't do that and we had to leave that area. we also saw 3 puff balls....they started barking at us what a surprise...but they wouldn't shut up...we just looked at them...they had little eyes on them...but WOW alllllll that fur. Mom said they were Pomeranians...NOT BAIT...she said...good to know....we were kinda confused....they really looked funny...not like us! What airheads!!! Fortunately we were finished shopping and then we went back home!

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