Thursday, July 30, 2009

what cookies? cake? what cake?

So dad found some plastic under our blanket this morning and he called mom. Mom said she didn't know anything. we just stared at dad!!

Uh looking for something...then we hear him call mom....OH NO....he is asking mom where his cookies are! seems to be telling him she doesn't know... OH NO now it seems she told him to look on his is looking on his desk, now mom told him to look for the plastic he found dad is really moving our blanket...DARN!!! he found the rest of the bag. NOW i suppose he is going to blame us for eating his cookies!!! Yep....he is shaking his head...AGAIN!!!

Later, dad found the plastic taken off of the cake mom made....AND HE FOUND SOME OF THE CAKE MISSING!!!! Dad told mom that Alle ate it!! I am off the hook since i don't go in the kitchen!!


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