Saturday, July 11, 2009

our walk

So, just got took us on one hellaciously long walk! we walked to the park...we saw a dalmation...hmmmmm and we saw dog, well we think it was a dog...needs to grow's skin was all said no, that was the way it is a sharp pa? hmmmmm still looks really silly...and it stared at said it was probably thinking...hey...what are those two doing on stilts! riiiiiiigggggttttt mom....think mom needs to get some sleep...she talking crazy like!!

Anyway...we were coming home from the park when we saw some dogs coming at us with their mom and dad...OMG!!!! We would recognize that lope ANYWHERE!! one of them was a greyhound!!! their mom said we didn't know there were any other greyhounds around here! Mom was talking to their parents. I met the the grey...the lab didn't seem to interested in meeting us...thats ok....the grey and i exchanged info..he wasn't a racer either. Rip didn't really want to talk to him...she is really shyish around other thinks it was cause she looks like she was in an "altercation" in her track days. was fun but we were REALLY tired when we got home!



Anonymous said...

hellacious? I think you-know-who's vocab is rubbing off on you BOLBOL ;p

CHEETOH! said...

You guys looked RELAXED.
Sounds like the purrfect day.

ripley and alle said...

Oh yes, it was a fabulous weekend!!