Thursday, July 2, 2009

our morning RUN

Dad let us out into the yard to poop & pee and forgot that the contractors left the big gate open! By the time he realized his mistake, I was in the street thinking, "Hey...who needs dad & a leash"?!
Rip scooted out, stopped briefly to look at dad (whose face was really red) screaming for us to come back, and then she followed me down the street. We were gone in a flash!

Dad got the "squawker" and was blowing his head off but we were off running.
Dad went back into the house to get the leashes and came after us down the hill, all the time blowing that annoying squawker. He was wearing flip flops and the sight of poor old dad running like a seal on dry land in those flip flops, trumpeting like a walrus in heat, was too much for that sissie Ripley. She ran back to dad & he put the leash on her and then they came after me.

Dad got half way down the hill (more like a mountain) and asked some girl getting into her car if she saw a blond greyhound. "You mean like this" said the nice man who was petting me on his doorstep. HE TURNED ME IN, THE RAT FINK! I stop to get petted & scratched, and the guy and his wife hold me until dad could get that leash back on me.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I'm kinda tired from all this excitement. Time for me & Rip to nap. I'll have dad post our pic when we wake up.


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