Monday, July 6, 2009

OMG a bath!!!

BOLBOLBOL!! You should have seen mom try to get ripley into the bathroom to give her a bath!!! It was soooo funny!! rip just dug her feet into the had to come and help mom! got a bath!

So mom finishes washing rip and then she says i need a bath. She told me she knows i have been in the bathtub before....HELLLOOO MOM...that was with the purpose of getting one of your scrunchy things!

Now i hear ripley BOL

This is Ripley...OMG....I am sooooo ROFBOL!!!! Mom turned the water on in the bathtub and alle ran out of the tub! Mom had to call dad to help her cause alle didn't want a said too bad..she was gettin' a bath!!! was sooooooo funny....Look who is laughing now Alle!!!

rip and alle

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