Wednesday, July 1, 2009

NOT funny!! had to call mom!!!! Dad caught us playing with some toy mom left out for didn't think it was a toy so he called mom... He told mom we were playing with some kinda "sunscreen" ...were we supposed to have it??? Mom said it was ok...she wasn't going to use it..unless dad was..he said mom told him it was ok..just make sure there was nothing that was going to hurt is soooooooo cool!

anyway, there we were playing when blew up on us!!!! can you believe it????? alle just looked at was LOLOLOL... he told mom when she got home that it "popped open" LIKE WHATEVER!! It was said dad should have taken a pic of us...but dad said he didn't have camera handy...GOOOD...IT WASN'T FUNNY DAD!!!

Dad took it away after that.


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