Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lifestyle Needs

OMG! Mom caught me with her Harrod's umbrella yesterday and took it away! Dad said that I was only accessorizing and would need it to match up with the shoes I was going to buy with mom's credit card (which she also took back). Well...chaaaa! I have a certain lifestyle to maintain. she thinking?!

And then, this morning, OMG, like, dad caught me testing out the paint brushes in the front yard and took them away too! WTF?! I have lots of other doggies coming by to check me out and I can't be seen in a yard with a half finished stained patio cover. chaaaaa. If mom isn't going to finish this thing, I'll just have to do it myself. Dad just shook his head (he does that a lot) and said I can't stain the patio cover, or the deck for that matter. Wat....evrrrrrrr!


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