Thursday, July 30, 2009

what cookies? cake? what cake?

So dad found some plastic under our blanket this morning and he called mom. Mom said she didn't know anything. we just stared at dad!!

Uh looking for something...then we hear him call mom....OH NO....he is asking mom where his cookies are! seems to be telling him she doesn't know... OH NO now it seems she told him to look on his is looking on his desk, now mom told him to look for the plastic he found dad is really moving our blanket...DARN!!! he found the rest of the bag. NOW i suppose he is going to blame us for eating his cookies!!! Yep....he is shaking his head...AGAIN!!!

Later, dad found the plastic taken off of the cake mom made....AND HE FOUND SOME OF THE CAKE MISSING!!!! Dad told mom that Alle ate it!! I am off the hook since i don't go in the kitchen!!


Lifestyle Needs

OMG! Mom caught me with her Harrod's umbrella yesterday and took it away! Dad said that I was only accessorizing and would need it to match up with the shoes I was going to buy with mom's credit card (which she also took back). Well...chaaaa! I have a certain lifestyle to maintain. she thinking?!

And then, this morning, OMG, like, dad caught me testing out the paint brushes in the front yard and took them away too! WTF?! I have lots of other doggies coming by to check me out and I can't be seen in a yard with a half finished stained patio cover. chaaaaa. If mom isn't going to finish this thing, I'll just have to do it myself. Dad just shook his head (he does that a lot) and said I can't stain the patio cover, or the deck for that matter. Wat....evrrrrrrr!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Claim on the bed!!!!

BOLBOLBOL!!! So i got to thinking that i really wanted the bed Alle was on...but the NERVE...SHE WOULDN'T MOVE!!!

So i decided to whine to let dad know we wanted to go out. Dad took the bait and opened the door. I started to act like i was going alle raced ahead of me to get outside...meanwhile, i turned around and got on the bed I wanted!!!! Dad kinda said..."hey, whats up??" BOLBOLBOL!!!! he told me i had played that hand well!!!!!



Sunday, July 26, 2009

saw goat!

OMG....went on LOOOONNNNGGGGG walk with mom!! we saw goat today...goat stared at alle...alle went up to goat but goat backed up a little...doesn't say anything...but at least it was kinda friendly!


Saturday, July 25, 2009

HEY MOM can you say SPRINTERS????!!!

OMG......just got back from batan death march with mom....HELLLOOOO MOM....SPRINTERS...NOT distance runners!!! we saw a couple of guys running...they said we were beautiful...well DUH!!!! we also saw llama wagged tail at us...wonder if that means we be friends now? still doesn't talk to us...just keeps moving mouth....hmmmmm just don't get it. Saw Chaz....Chaz barked at us..we ignored him, he walked behind us for a while then FINALLY went home. FINALLY mom took us home...we got a long drink, ate some, now time to take a LONG nap!!

rip and alle

Friday, July 17, 2009


Darn that dad....he found the evidence...look what he found in the pic!

How did he know?

Dad was yelling at me to stay out of the bedroom & off of the bed. How did he know I was on the bed?! Wow, I thought mom was smart, but dad is really smart. I can't figure out how he knew I was on his stupid, precious bed. Hmmmm, wonder if he has any evidence? I'll just deny everything & see if he can prove squat BOLBOLBOLBOLBOL!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

the hamper!

so there i was minding my own i was checking out the clothes hamper!! when mom noticed that i was standing pretty does mom know this stuff????? mom was getting ready for work in the bathroom....i was in the bedroom...when mom came to me and said "Alle, what are you doing???" i looked at mom and said NOTHING!! mom said get away from the hamper...DARN MOM!!! Whats up with did she know what i was doing?????


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

lots of pets today!!!

Yea!!!! dad left us home alone but mom came home soon and gave us treats!! Then dad came home and he brought mom's niece home with him!! she pet us a lot!!! it was sooooo coool!!

Now dad is getting mom's lunch ready for asked mom if he put too much fish in the container for her....hey dad...if you have to ask mom...just bypass that and ask us....we are happy to eat it then you don't need to ask!!! what mom doesn't know won't hurt her!!!

rip and alle

Sunday, July 12, 2009


BOLBOLBOL!!! mom just caught me with a towel covering me!!!! she started LOL....she told dad to look at me!!! dad said...OMG...where did you get that??? D*** dog!!!! BOLBOLBOL!!!! Uh took towel away......GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

BOLBOLBOLBOL!!!!! OMG mom heard alle being busy in the other room!! she went out and saw alle starting to leave the kitchen...alle saw mom and she quickly turned to go the other way around the island......but that mom.....she is really smart....she went on the other side of the island and Mom said "ALLE what are you doing?????" Mom caught alle with a banana blueberry muffin that mom had just made for dad. Dad came out and said "whats up?" Mom showed him what alle had fact alle ate 4 MUFFINS...Paper and all!!! Mom wasn't tooooooo happy!!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

our walk

So, just got took us on one hellaciously long walk! we walked to the park...we saw a dalmation...hmmmmm and we saw dog, well we think it was a dog...needs to grow's skin was all said no, that was the way it is a sharp pa? hmmmmm still looks really silly...and it stared at said it was probably thinking...hey...what are those two doing on stilts! riiiiiiigggggttttt mom....think mom needs to get some sleep...she talking crazy like!!

Anyway...we were coming home from the park when we saw some dogs coming at us with their mom and dad...OMG!!!! We would recognize that lope ANYWHERE!! one of them was a greyhound!!! their mom said we didn't know there were any other greyhounds around here! Mom was talking to their parents. I met the the grey...the lab didn't seem to interested in meeting us...thats ok....the grey and i exchanged info..he wasn't a racer either. Rip didn't really want to talk to him...she is really shyish around other thinks it was cause she looks like she was in an "altercation" in her track days. was fun but we were REALLY tired when we got home!


Friday, July 10, 2009

Ready to go surfin!!!

Mom just took a GREYT pic of us getting ready to go to the pawpawty this weekend!!!
Take a look!!!

rip and alle

Thursday, July 9, 2009

So, today is Alle's birthday. She is now three and should be an adult!!!! RIIIIGGGGGHHHHTTTT!!!! She is still an airhead!!!! Mom came home and gave us extra treats cause it is her birthday! Later i heard mom say "ALLE!!!" and not in a good way!

alle lopped out to the living room, dad said what's told him to put the light on. then dad said..."hey...whats that?" Alle just looked at dad. Mom said that is stuff from her wallet. alle said she just wanted some money or credit cards to go shopping. Mom said no....she would do the shopping! Then mom found a pair of dads pants on the sofa. dad told alle they were his, she can't have them.

Yep...alle is still a child!!!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

freaking dad out

Dad was making lunch. First he made something called "pasta".
ho hum. How interesting...NNNNNNNOT!!! Rip & me were too busy in the other room resting after our great walk this morning.

But as soon as dad got the CHICKEN out of the fridge and took off the shiny silver stuff covering it, Rip & me were in the kitchen,! chaaaa! Dad actually jumped and started muttering under his breath something about "d*mn dogs" & " how the hell do they know the second I get the meat or chicken out...smell doesn't travel at warp speed"?!

Silly dad. It's a gift.


Monday, July 6, 2009

OMG a bath!!!

BOLBOLBOL!! You should have seen mom try to get ripley into the bathroom to give her a bath!!! It was soooo funny!! rip just dug her feet into the had to come and help mom! got a bath!

So mom finishes washing rip and then she says i need a bath. She told me she knows i have been in the bathtub before....HELLLOOO MOM...that was with the purpose of getting one of your scrunchy things!

Now i hear ripley BOL

This is Ripley...OMG....I am sooooo ROFBOL!!!! Mom turned the water on in the bathtub and alle ran out of the tub! Mom had to call dad to help her cause alle didn't want a said too bad..she was gettin' a bath!!! was sooooooo funny....Look who is laughing now Alle!!!

rip and alle

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The store!

what a busy day we had yesterday! mom took us for a walk...she didn't go to work...we wondered about that but then she took us to the store and bought us some new toys and treats!! Everyone looked at us and wanted to pet us....we LOVE pets!!! Mom told us that everyone does not need to pet us...RIGHT!!! LOOK AT US MOM...We are beautiful....of course they need to pet us!! We saw some furry things running around in some cages at the store....they didn't quite look like rabbits and mom said we couldn't get them. Then alle saw some birds they were right near her! she jumped at the said she couldn't do that and we had to leave that area. we also saw 3 puff balls....they started barking at us what a surprise...but they wouldn't shut up...we just looked at them...they had little eyes on them...but WOW alllllll that fur. Mom said they were Pomeranians...NOT BAIT...she said...good to know....we were kinda confused....they really looked funny...not like us! What airheads!!! Fortunately we were finished shopping and then we went back home!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

our morning RUN

Dad let us out into the yard to poop & pee and forgot that the contractors left the big gate open! By the time he realized his mistake, I was in the street thinking, "Hey...who needs dad & a leash"?!
Rip scooted out, stopped briefly to look at dad (whose face was really red) screaming for us to come back, and then she followed me down the street. We were gone in a flash!

Dad got the "squawker" and was blowing his head off but we were off running.
Dad went back into the house to get the leashes and came after us down the hill, all the time blowing that annoying squawker. He was wearing flip flops and the sight of poor old dad running like a seal on dry land in those flip flops, trumpeting like a walrus in heat, was too much for that sissie Ripley. She ran back to dad & he put the leash on her and then they came after me.

Dad got half way down the hill (more like a mountain) and asked some girl getting into her car if she saw a blond greyhound. "You mean like this" said the nice man who was petting me on his doorstep. HE TURNED ME IN, THE RAT FINK! I stop to get petted & scratched, and the guy and his wife hold me until dad could get that leash back on me.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I'm kinda tired from all this excitement. Time for me & Rip to nap. I'll have dad post our pic when we wake up.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

NOT funny!! had to call mom!!!! Dad caught us playing with some toy mom left out for didn't think it was a toy so he called mom... He told mom we were playing with some kinda "sunscreen" ...were we supposed to have it??? Mom said it was ok...she wasn't going to use it..unless dad was..he said mom told him it was ok..just make sure there was nothing that was going to hurt is soooooooo cool!

anyway, there we were playing when blew up on us!!!! can you believe it????? alle just looked at was LOLOLOL... he told mom when she got home that it "popped open" LIKE WHATEVER!! It was said dad should have taken a pic of us...but dad said he didn't have camera handy...GOOOD...IT WASN'T FUNNY DAD!!!

Dad took it away after that.