Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Water shooting out of the ground!

OMG!! Dad let us out this morning and after a couple of minutes…and mind you , we were just minding our business…when water started shooting out of the ground! Well, it was amazing…but really scary…we raced to the porch and demanded that we be let back inside. Mom heard us and said she was coming, but dad got to the door first and said to mom…hey…why are the sprinklers on??? Mom said, hmmmmm, the sprinklers are on? She just said she knew what happened…went downstairs in the garage, and magically made the water stop. When she came upstairs, she told dad that when he was working with the guys yesterday, he turned the sprinklers on. All we know…problem….solved…now if they would just get the #@$! out of our yard!

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