Tuesday, June 2, 2009

our yard

What the &%$^* is that %$#$^ in our yard????!! OMG some guys came over this morning early and started putting some @#$$ in our yard! and the left the gates open so dad had to put our leashes on when we wanted to go out...well that wasn't too bad. BUT then they FINALLY left but left the @#$#$ in our yard??!! Why weren't we told???!! When will this stuff go away??!! WE WANT ANSWERS NOW!!! DAD?????? MOM??????? HELLLLLOOOOO....ANYONE LISTENING?????

OMG....now mom is taking out some kinda case....the last time we saw that we had to go to a hotel....Uh oh.....mom just told me that she was taking her umbrella so i can't get it....WHAAAAA?? This day is just getting worse. And we still don't have any answers to our yard. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!

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