Sunday, June 7, 2009

now we are tired

Just got back from a walk with mom....we are really tired!

Mom had her car in some kinda shop...she said it was with the car doctor yesterday and she found out that there was a nail in her tire...funny we call them paws...she had to look for another can replace them???? anyway, she was not happy...especially since she found out that her car has spensive tires!

then mom was fighting with her computer....she couldn't get 'puter to work so she told tweeting for us...grrrrrrrr...of course we had grrrrrrs but it was nothing compared to the words mom was saying...she gave up....went to the bedroom to read and found out the tv wasn't was not having a good night...we just decided to stay in the office with dad!

so this morning mom is up....and she still is fighting with puter....we have to give her sad eyes and whine for our said she was sorry...and got our breakfast! then she took us on long walk...guess she got 'puter working again.

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