Saturday, June 20, 2009

like we look weird--rrrriiiiigggghhhhttttt!

Just got back from a long walk with mom....we saw the goat again and it brought over a weird said it was a "llama." they both looked pretty strange and they just stared at us like we were they looked normal...HHHEEEELLLLLOOOOOO.....the neck on the "llama" was soooo does it hold up that head.....OH YEA....head wasn't that big! BOLBOLBOL!!!! they both made no noise....just looked at us with their stupid mouths moving. and whats up with their fur...sure, we question when some dogs have lots of fur...but they were ridiculous! We are also still wondering whats up with those so called horns on the goat....sure it isn't a hat??

rip and alle

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