Tuesday, June 16, 2009

bed and biscuits

well, we have had our new bed for a couple of days now...it doesn't fluff up even though we are still trying. dad tried to give us some biscuits and we just hid them...since he didn't give us any more, we finally ate the ones he gave us....he said..."hey...what are you eating....you didn't eat them earlier???"

when mom came home she gave us her yummy biscuits that she made and we ate them right away! dad asked mom whats up...when he gave us biscuits we saved them....mom looked and asked dad if these other biscuits were the ones he gave us...BOLBOLBOL..they were...mom said well DUH....those were store bought...not yummy mom biscuits!!!

but dad did take us out for some great walks...didn't see that funny looking goat though...guess we will have to wait for mom to find it again!

rip and alle

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