Thursday, June 18, 2009

an adventure

WOW....Is dad great!!!! He gave us more salmon for dinner tonight....can we describe how good it was???!!! Well maybe i (ripley) can...i ate mine and tasted it....sooooo yummy...alle just gulped hers...I don't think she tasted it at all (little piggy girl!)

But what was really funny tonight: mom was in the office and heard alle roaming around...she went out and found alle had taken her scarf out of her bag!!! Alle said she looked really good in though wasn't happy! She took it from alle so alle went to go to sleep on the bed! Mom told alle she was watching her!!! Then alle came into the office and then back out to the living room. Dad went out to the living room and found that alle had been dumpster diving! Dad just shook his head and said it is always an adventure. I wonder if that means we will be going out for another walk??? Isn't that an adventure?


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