Sunday, June 28, 2009

sooooo hot out today!

it was soooo hot out today. Its a good thing that alle has learned to knock on the door so mom and dad can let us back in...she is trying to learn how to use the handle...once she gets that mastered!!!!


Hey there i was just minding my own business...i wanted to wash my face so i went and got a washcloth out of the bathroom. Wouldn't you turns around just when i came into the living room! She took it from me and told dad. She was showing dad what i was doing....Like she could really put it in her mouth and carry it like me...HELLLLO.....MOM REALLLY....It looks sooooo much better when i carry it!!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

dad went out!!

Today was such a good day!!!! Dad took us on a was pretty uneventful but then dad went out!!! YEA!!! We went dumpster diving...took a look at some pictures he had taken, and I even got the eyeglass case down for ripley. Rip was sooooo happy, it was the same one she had yesterday!!! Dad came home and he was soooooo amazed, he even took a picture! You can experience what dad saw too....just take a look!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

OMG!!! On Sunday we were bugging mom to take us for a walk...she told us to wait she had a surprise for us! WE WERE SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!

it was sooooo great!! Mom put us in the car, we picked up our uncle and went over to grandmas house!!! OH NO!!!! NO GRANDMA OR GRANDPA!! WHO IS GOING TO PAY ATTENTION TO US???????!!

well, mom let us run out in the yard. Ripley laid under the tree. I looked all around. we got some snacks...I went upstairs to check it out...Uncle was in room resting...went back downstairs...went back out side...went into garden with mom...but mom shooed me out of the garden..she said i was way too big to be in garden. We ran around the yard some more.

Mom made dinner for uncle...uncle gave us some ham.....yummmmmmmm.

we didn't really get all our zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's in.

We were soooooooooo tired when we got home. we slept almost all Monday (dad did catch me on the bed with his towel draped over me!). We have almost caught up on our sleep....hopefully dad will take us on a nice walk tomorrow!!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

like we look weird--rrrriiiiigggghhhhttttt!

Just got back from a long walk with mom....we saw the goat again and it brought over a weird said it was a "llama." they both looked pretty strange and they just stared at us like we were they looked normal...HHHEEEELLLLLOOOOOO.....the neck on the "llama" was soooo does it hold up that head.....OH YEA....head wasn't that big! BOLBOLBOL!!!! they both made no noise....just looked at us with their stupid mouths moving. and whats up with their fur...sure, we question when some dogs have lots of fur...but they were ridiculous! We are also still wondering whats up with those so called horns on the goat....sure it isn't a hat??

rip and alle

Thursday, June 18, 2009

an adventure

WOW....Is dad great!!!! He gave us more salmon for dinner tonight....can we describe how good it was???!!! Well maybe i (ripley) can...i ate mine and tasted it....sooooo yummy...alle just gulped hers...I don't think she tasted it at all (little piggy girl!)

But what was really funny tonight: mom was in the office and heard alle roaming around...she went out and found alle had taken her scarf out of her bag!!! Alle said she looked really good in though wasn't happy! She took it from alle so alle went to go to sleep on the bed! Mom told alle she was watching her!!! Then alle came into the office and then back out to the living room. Dad went out to the living room and found that alle had been dumpster diving! Dad just shook his head and said it is always an adventure. I wonder if that means we will be going out for another walk??? Isn't that an adventure?


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

bed and biscuits

well, we have had our new bed for a couple of days doesn't fluff up even though we are still trying. dad tried to give us some biscuits and we just hid them...since he didn't give us any more, we finally ate the ones he gave us....he said..."hey...what are you didn't eat them earlier???"

when mom came home she gave us her yummy biscuits that she made and we ate them right away! dad asked mom whats up...when he gave us biscuits we saved looked and asked dad if these other biscuits were the ones he gave us...BOLBOLBOL..they said well DUH....those were store bought...not yummy mom biscuits!!!

but dad did take us out for some great walks...didn't see that funny looking goat though...guess we will have to wait for mom to find it again!

rip and alle

Sunday, June 14, 2009

So mom bought us a new bed yesterday...we aren't sure if we like it yet....but we will give it a chance...maybe!

Mom was sooooo busy today, she made us some fabulous bacon cheese biscuits then she took us on a walk and we saw this weird called it a goat...she said it wasn't a dog at was really stared at us...we stared at it....we still don't get what it was and what it does.

Mom washed the blankeys dad keeps in his car for us...she brought them upstairs and alle promptly took them off the chair and laid on them! mom couldn't believe it! She called dad and told on alle!

wow what a busy day!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mom took us for a LLLLLOOOONNNNNGGGGG walk this morning...OMG..if we had an a** mom wouda walked it off us!!! We did see a let us scare it a little but she didn't let us really chase it! Then we saw a couple of kids and they pet us and told us how pretty we are...hmmmm.....that was a DUH!!!! When we got home we were so tired we went to sleep...then we got up and got ready for an 80's themed pawpawty. take a look at what we found to wear to the pawpawty!

Rip and Alle

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

letting ourselves in

BOLBOLBOLBOLBOL!!!! Mom made us go outside while she took a shower...we barked to come back in but dad IGNORED US!!!! We taught him!! Mom finished her shower and asked dad if he let us in...he said no...and she told him that clearly we let ourselves back said we were still outside...she told him to turn around and say that...we were pretending to sleep on our beds!! BOLBOLBOL!!!! Mom said the door was still said he will have to teach us to close the door behind us and he hopes we don't have a we need one!!!

rip and alle

Water shooting out of the ground!

OMG!! Dad let us out this morning and after a couple of minutes…and mind you , we were just minding our business…when water started shooting out of the ground! Well, it was amazing…but really scary…we raced to the porch and demanded that we be let back inside. Mom heard us and said she was coming, but dad got to the door first and said to mom…hey…why are the sprinklers on??? Mom said, hmmmmm, the sprinklers are on? She just said she knew what happened…went downstairs in the garage, and magically made the water stop. When she came upstairs, she told dad that when he was working with the guys yesterday, he turned the sprinklers on. All we know…problem….solved…now if they would just get the #@$! out of our yard!

Monday, June 8, 2009


GRRRRRR....that darn mom...she is sooooo smart. she heard rippy barking outside and she thought we were getting ready to run....but really rippy was telling me to dig her a new nesting home since her current nest is covered by the @!#$ that is STILL in our yard!

Mom was MAD....she scared me with this thing that she used to clean the dirt up. then she showed dad what i did....course it was all rippys fault...she was the one who told me to dig...DARN....MOM FIGURED THAT OUT TOO....GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR!!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

now we are tired

Just got back from a walk with mom....we are really tired!

Mom had her car in some kinda shop...she said it was with the car doctor yesterday and she found out that there was a nail in her tire...funny we call them paws...she had to look for another can replace them???? anyway, she was not happy...especially since she found out that her car has spensive tires!

then mom was fighting with her computer....she couldn't get 'puter to work so she told tweeting for us...grrrrrrrr...of course we had grrrrrrs but it was nothing compared to the words mom was saying...she gave up....went to the bedroom to read and found out the tv wasn't was not having a good night...we just decided to stay in the office with dad!

so this morning mom is up....and she still is fighting with puter....we have to give her sad eyes and whine for our said she was sorry...and got our breakfast! then she took us on long walk...guess she got 'puter working again.

Friday, June 5, 2009


well, last evening we went out looking for said she wouldn't be coming home yet, but we didn't believe him. Hmmm...he was didn't come home so we went in..made sad eyes at dad until he gave us treats.

FINALLY!!!! MOM IS HOME!!! she didn't bring us any new treats but at least she is home and she gave us treats and played with us! we told mom that the dogs across the way got out when she was gone and they caught a rabbit and ate it in front of us. dad said it was pretty disgusting...hmmm wonder if that means it looks like it tastes good....oh well. We played a lot with we are tired and going to sleep! all is well!

ripley and alle

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where is mom?? isn't here....we need our treats! We thought something was up when we saw this rolly case come out (we had to go to a hotel last time that happened) then, she didn't leave for work yesterday at the right time...and now she didn't come home last night. is still here...whats up with all this....we are sooooo confused.

And there is still @#!$ in our yard...and now they are working on the house too...OMG what are we to do?????!! Well, suppose we can bug dad....that is always entertaining!!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

our yard

What the &%$^* is that %$#$^ in our yard????!! OMG some guys came over this morning early and started putting some @#$$ in our yard! and the left the gates open so dad had to put our leashes on when we wanted to go out...well that wasn't too bad. BUT then they FINALLY left but left the @#$#$ in our yard??!! Why weren't we told???!! When will this stuff go away??!! WE WANT ANSWERS NOW!!! DAD?????? MOM??????? HELLLLLOOOOO....ANYONE LISTENING????? mom is taking out some kinda case....the last time we saw that we had to go to a hotel....Uh just told me that she was taking her umbrella so i can't get it....WHAAAAA?? This day is just getting worse. And we still don't have any answers to our yard. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!