Sunday, May 3, 2009

what a weekend...boy are we tired!!

it was a very good weekend! mom took us on a few walks....then mom and dad watched some horses racing on tv....HELLLLLOOOOOO look at us.....we could do lots better (well ripley can!) whats up with the people on the horses?? did say we were prettier than those horses!

Then today the VERY nerve....THERE WAS A SQUIRREL ON OUR BALCONY!! we wanted to get it but mom wouldn't let us out to get it. later, mom was working on some fabric stuff. We helped! we laid on the fabric so it wouldn't move....why wasn't mom more appreciative??

anyway, mom took some pics of us today....and why can't get better subjects than us!!

Whew...what a weekend!

rip and alle.

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