Friday, May 8, 2009

helping dad!

OMG!!! THIS WAS SOOOOOOO COOOL!!! dad said he had to go and get a pizza!!! whoooohooo!!! that could only mean we would get some too....right???!!!! anyway, we thought we would surprise dad and help him with dinner so we decided we would cook some pasta! we found the pasta (well, that was after alle tried on mom's wrap, her jacket and her sweater). then we found dad's watch...cause we have watched dad and he ALWAYS looks at the clock when he makes the pasta! So we got one package open...we were just getting the second package when MOM CAME HOME!!!! YEA!!!! She was soooooo impressed that we wanted to help dad, her only comment was...Nellie just cleaned!!! we know...nellie was soooo nice, she cleaned the whole house today! mom just shook her head, cleaned came home when she was just just handed him his watch and shook her head. Dad asked how did we get his watch...he had it on the counter in the bathroom....that could only have meant that alle got it since he knows I don't go on tile!! OMG wasn't this tooooo coool!! Mom took can see them too! take a look!!!


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