Wednesday, May 13, 2009


OMG!! It was rough this said there was something wrong with the tv...he called said he was right..she had trouble with tv when she was getting ready for work. then she told him she saw lots of trucks at the bottom of the hill as she went to work so dad said that 'splained it.
He was going to call the company anyway to let them know but then he got in the office...OMG!!! NO INTERNET!!!...of course that meant we couldn't tweet cause mom won't let us have a phone....THANKS MOM!!! (note sarcasm in our voice!!). time mom got to work to check phone number for company, everything was back to "normal" until dad found out later in the day that the tv in the kitchen wasn't working.
He called said check the other tvs..they were ok so she told him she would check it when she got home. dad gave us some treats and alle knew it was alle and she told dad to tell alle not to inhale her treats...Mom is really smart.
she came home...fixed the tv...gave us more treats...all is well!!


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