Saturday, May 30, 2009

darn it!! have to learn to be quieter when i get into mom's work bag....Dad heard me and saw me lope into the office. He went out to the living room and told mom that i had just gotten into her said she had just been out there! Mom said to look for her umbrella...she was sure i had taken it. HEY SHE DIDN'T EVEN LOOK IN HER BAG! She came out and looked and dad went to the office and he found i had it. DARN MOM AND DAD!!

Meanwhile rippy has killed some of mom's quilt batting. It probably is time for a walk...we are trying to give mom and dad a hint...but they really aren't catching on...WHAT DO WE HAVE TO DO.....GET OUR LEASHES OURSELVES????? HELLLLLLLOOOOOOOO!!!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bugging dad!!!

we have been really bugging dad to pet us!! fortunately, we are big enough we just stand in front of his desk or push our needle noses between him and his desk til he is forced to pet us!! it is soooooo great! Then we play with our squeaky toys to bug him more! We ultimately get him to take us for a walk!! What a great way to spend a day!

Monday, May 25, 2009

kinda a strange day

Mom stayed home from work today.....that was weird, but she took us on another long walk this morning...i was kinda hoping to see those crazy looking chickens again ( says they are called peacocks.....WHATEVER...they still looked silly!), but rippy still wasn't feeling well and she ate a lot of grass. Mom then said we would go to the place where there is a lot of the grass we like to eat so rip could eat more if she wanted...but she didn't want any more.

When we got home, we watched mom go up in the hillside...looked like she was collecting pine said it was to keep us safe..hmmmm

Then mom made us some biscuits!!! They were soooooo good! We wanted to eat them all, but mom said no! GRRRRRRR.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

WHAT A DAY!!! mom took us on great long walk this morning...we saw some really funny looking chickens....looks like they were out too late since they looked like they were still in their good clothes! Take a look and see what you think!!

Mom went out but she remembered us!! she brought us home all sorts of treats!! but then mom saw that rippy had gotten sick and so she had to give ripley a bath. she told dad that rippy didn't seeem to be feeling well. dad asked if we needed to take her to the doctor, mom said not yet, she would watch her.

BUT THE BEST part of our day was when mom made us PUPCAKES!!! they were really yummy, specially the frosting (that was the says frosting is usually the best on people cakes too). rippy wasn't too sick to eat them!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mom tries to catch me!!

HHHAAAAHHHAAAHHHHAAAA mom tried to catch me this morning before i jumped on the bed to wake dad!!! Like she could catch me!! she called me...i stopped....she almost got to me and i ran closer to the bed...she called me again....i stopped...she almost got me and i ran and jumped on the bed and woke dad up!!!! I know dad appreciated it cause he said "thanks alle!"

Mom let us ouside...then we came in checked out breakfast, i found my favorite spot on the couch (and by favorite spot, i mean the WHOLE couch!!), and went back to sleep!!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

alle wanted to read

So here i was just lying down sleeping when mom got up...she heard a strange noise in the living room was alle!! She got in mom's work bag and got out the book mom was reading! Alle said she wanted to read...Mom told her that it was not for was her took it away from alle and told her not to get in her bag again! (like that will work!)


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

mom's umbrella

so....this morning mom was getting ready to go to work but when she looked at her work bag, she saw that there was a plastic bag out of it...OMG!!!! She started looking in the living room and then she saw the cover to her know...the one from this place called one of our anipals on twitter told us this place is a fancy place...well said "OK ALLE WHERE IS IT??????"

Alle just looked at mom went over to alle, who was resting her big body on the couch, and found that alle was hiding the umbrella UNDER HER!!! found it and told alle that it was mom's not alle's....that it isn't always about alle....BOLBOLBOLBOLBOLBOLBOL

SILLY MOM.....It is ALWAYS about us!!!


Monday, May 18, 2009

HA HA alle got caught! saw alle loping along today.....lord knows it was only loping....that girl can't run to save her soul! so he said "hey girl what you doing?" Alle quickly ran around the island and looked around at him with the "Wha...why do you always pick on me...i'm not doing anything" look! So that dad...he looked around the island and he found that alle had been dumpster diving and took out a paper towel from the trash....alle said she just wanted to clean....Dad knew can be pretty smart too!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

WHAT THE %$#@??? Something came into our yard and left us a "present". Probably that d*** cat!!! Doesn't have the nerve to come in the yard while we are out!!! HUMPH!!!!

So, mom got mad at alle today cause she finished her dingo bell treat faster than i did...she made alle go outside then she heard alle moving the doorhandle!!!! Hey....we all may have underestimated that girl!!

it was really hot out so mom and dad made sure that when we went outside we didn't stay out too long.

Dad made mom's lunch for tomorrow and he gave us some STEAK! YEA!!! it was really yummy!!

OMG...there is dog that has been barking "forever" outside!!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Critter alert!!

wow...did this squirrel feel lucky...What was walking on OUR FENCE????? Darn mom and dad for putting up a high fence....we could have taken care of him! Bad won't let us on the balcony to chase them off...we still bark loud at them though.

Anyway...we were SOOOOOO upset last wouldn't let us on the computer at all....she said something about a new phone.....SO WHAT HAS A NEW PHONE GOT TO DO WITH THE COMPUTER????? Wait a minute......NEW PHONE????? Hmmmmmm....wonder if she will let us use this one??? maybe this needs more checking out!! WHAT DAD GOT A NEW PHONE TOO????? Now we feel left out.....WHERE ARE OUR PHONES???????


rip and alle

Thursday, May 14, 2009


can you believe this????? THE of Mona's CATs was in OUR yard this morning....not to worry!!! WE took care of it...we chased it out of the yard!!! we are now varmit free!!!! later two guys...Leo and Jess...came over...we think mom and dad are getting ready to do something to our yard...hmmmmm we need to check this out....

Mom came home late tonight...something about the bus being late cause of traffic. it was ok...she still gave us treats when she got home. then dad cooked steak and pasta...We took it to SirBarley's twitter party....we had a greyt time there was lots of stuff to do and eat. SirBarley is a twitter pal!!!

we are really tired now...time to rest!!

rip and alle

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


OMG!! It was rough this said there was something wrong with the tv...he called said he was right..she had trouble with tv when she was getting ready for work. then she told him she saw lots of trucks at the bottom of the hill as she went to work so dad said that 'splained it.
He was going to call the company anyway to let them know but then he got in the office...OMG!!! NO INTERNET!!!...of course that meant we couldn't tweet cause mom won't let us have a phone....THANKS MOM!!! (note sarcasm in our voice!!). time mom got to work to check phone number for company, everything was back to "normal" until dad found out later in the day that the tv in the kitchen wasn't working.
He called said check the other tvs..they were ok so she told him she would check it when she got home. dad gave us some treats and alle knew it was alle and she told dad to tell alle not to inhale her treats...Mom is really smart.
she came home...fixed the tv...gave us more treats...all is well!!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

our new toys!!

A package came in the mail yesterday...we would have opened it but dad put it up really high...DARN!! anyway, when mom came home, she opened the box and it was sooooo GREAT!!! of course there were treats...but the BEST were these rolly called them "babble balls" they are soooooo cool...they talk when we bat them is sorta scared of them but i think they are just great!! today, we were playing with them but one got out of our reach so dad had to find it for us. These are soooo much fun!!


Sunday, May 10, 2009


THIS IS JUST AWFUL! we are soooooooo hungry. mom gave us this c*** that tastes like *#!@, she said she was using up the last of the cans of the c*** that she had. WE DON'T LIKE IT! OMG it is as bad as when she put BEETS in with our chicken!! Poor alle has gone from my dish to her dish hoping one of us got something better....alas...NADA....UGGGGG! Mom, listen to us.....PLEASEEEEEE DON'T DO THIS AGAIN otherwise we will ask dad to feed us!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

we are soooo tired!

What an incredibly busy day we had!!! first we went to our uncle's house..lots of little humans to see. We also saw our auntie! then we went to look at some deck and dad insisted as they want to fire safe the house....probably best but it did mean we had to miss some kind of "race" in a park....that sounded like soooo much fun, oh well, next time....then we went to grandmas we were getting ready to leave we saw our human cousin, our other aunt and uncle...were we tired when we got home!!! it was definitely nap time!! what a fun day!!

alle and ripley

Friday, May 8, 2009

helping dad!

OMG!!! THIS WAS SOOOOOOO COOOL!!! dad said he had to go and get a pizza!!! whoooohooo!!! that could only mean we would get some too....right???!!!! anyway, we thought we would surprise dad and help him with dinner so we decided we would cook some pasta! we found the pasta (well, that was after alle tried on mom's wrap, her jacket and her sweater). then we found dad's watch...cause we have watched dad and he ALWAYS looks at the clock when he makes the pasta! So we got one package open...we were just getting the second package when MOM CAME HOME!!!! YEA!!!! She was soooooo impressed that we wanted to help dad, her only comment was...Nellie just cleaned!!! we know...nellie was soooo nice, she cleaned the whole house today! mom just shook her head, cleaned came home when she was just just handed him his watch and shook her head. Dad asked how did we get his watch...he had it on the counter in the bathroom....that could only have meant that alle got it since he knows I don't go on tile!! OMG wasn't this tooooo coool!! Mom took can see them too! take a look!!!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yea checkbook located!

This was soooooooo cool!! i found mom's checkbook....i was just about ready to go shopping when dad came home and took it away from me! DARN!!! Why did dad do that....doesn't he know i need to get some new toys and treats????? Why doesn't dad love us?????

Oh...but he did take us on a great walk...we saw a new dog on our walk...the lady said it was a german shepard and something huge was just a puppy...and it was a little rambunctious.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A wascally wabbit!!!!

made sad eyes at dad so he took us out for a walk....stupid little rat-like dog kept barking at told the little thing it would just be a snack for us...hardly worth it! woman walking rat ran away!!! THANK GOODNESS...rather obnoxious little thing. later on our walk there was a wascally wabbit!! OMG!!! we really wanted it! BUT NOOOOOOOO dad said we had to leave it alone!! darn dad! we could have had soooooo much fun with it!

rip and alle

Sunday, May 3, 2009

what a weekend...boy are we tired!!

it was a very good weekend! mom took us on a few walks....then mom and dad watched some horses racing on tv....HELLLLLOOOOOO look at us.....we could do lots better (well ripley can!) whats up with the people on the horses?? did say we were prettier than those horses!

Then today the VERY nerve....THERE WAS A SQUIRREL ON OUR BALCONY!! we wanted to get it but mom wouldn't let us out to get it. later, mom was working on some fabric stuff. We helped! we laid on the fabric so it wouldn't move....why wasn't mom more appreciative??

anyway, mom took some pics of us today....and why can't get better subjects than us!!

Whew...what a weekend!

rip and alle.

Friday, May 1, 2009

DARN!!! mom caught me with her umbrella AGAIN!!! she came out to the living room and found her work bag in a different spot than she put it she came looking for me....everything would have been ok but she found her umbrella next to me.....doesn't she know that it is drizzling outside and her umbrella goes with my lovely coat!!!


closet shopping

uh came home and found we had been "shopping" in the closet!!! She wasn't too happy...she is quizzing alle about something she thinks alle took off one of her bags! She can't find it....alle might have taken it...but mom can't find it so alle gets of scott free!!! That girl is soooooo lucky!!!