Tuesday, April 21, 2009

uh oh

so here i am lying quietly on the sofa and then MOM comes and finds a towel next to me....and then she finds a container that she apparently recognized. She showed it to dad, he thought it was a toy and we were playing with it all day (darn dad!)...mom said it isn't a toy, it was for her sewing stuff..she said it had a rope on it...no more...dad said it was long gone!!! then she gave him the towel...he said it was from his gym bag....they went in the bedroom and mom said she had seen a towel on the bed that wasn't there anymore...did dad leave it there? he said no, it was in his gym bag of course he looked and there was no towel there....HA...They have no proof...they didn't see me take it...they are just guessing...my story is that dad is losing it..there was never a towel in his gym bag!!!!


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