Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mom's purse

So dad doesn't know how far to close the door for us when we go to, this morning, rip and i got up and what do you know??!!! We were able to go into the living room. Mom's purse was was soooo great...i emptied it out so i could see what she had in it. Her wallet was quite cool but i really wanted to see what she had on her music thingy she calls her mp3 but she did something to it so i couldn't get it on----DARN MOM!!!

Mom did take us on a walk was really fun that is until this big fat dog came after us. Mom yelled at it...i could tell...she didn't like it at all and she was trying to rush us away from it. I wanted to look at it....what a kept saying nasty things to us...i wonder if it eats with that same mouth...Rip was scared...she just stood there. Mom told Rip it was ok....just to come and she told me to come on...that thing kinda just kept coming at us growling and barking. There was another dog with it but it didn't do anything.

When mom came home she told dad that this big a** "rottweiler" that weighted as much as the three of us came at us...Mom wasn't happy......but she did give us treats!!!

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