Wednesday, April 29, 2009

alle was dumpster diving didn't hear her so he wanted to go looking for her, so i kept getting in his way wanting to be petted!!! Darn!! he finally got by me and found alle! He offered alle soap but she turned him down!!!

rip foot is a lot better....i just have to learn to take it a little slower!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

LMAO!!!! (if i really had one!!!)

HHHAAAAHHHHHAAAAHHHHHAAAAA!! That toy mom got dad (see saturday apr 25!)....i knew it really would belong to me!!!!! I ran it right past dad and he didn't see me!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! he found it later on outside.....boy...he WASN'T happy!!! he chased me around the island in the kitchen....LIKE HE COULD GET ME!!!! I was having a GREAT time!!!! He called mom....HHHHHAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAA


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our walk!

Just found a pic of rippy with her sock took it when we were at the doctors office yesterday. She put the sock on so rip wouldn't have to wear her silly cone collar!!

We just got back from a was watching rip so she didn't get too tired or her foot hurt too held up great though...we saw a squirrel...a snake skin...and the tip of a squirell didn't let us spend enough time on any of those...Rip and i both ate some grass was yummy...our fav!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Busy day

What a busy day we had. First mom had tried to take the sock off of ripleys foot but ripley started to go after the stuff on her leg so mom had to put the sock back on. Anyway later this morning we went to the doctor where rippy got that stuff taken off her leg. She still is licking her foot a lot but at least she doesn't have the stuff on her leg
Then mom and dad went out...looks like they went shopping!! They brought us back some toys! How cool is that!!
Mom went out later and it looked like she brought home another toy for me but she said no, it was for dad....we'll see!!!!!
So all in all we had a great busy day!!!


Friday, April 24, 2009

mom called

Darn mom....she called dad and told him to pick up her work bag so i didn't get into it. She has a great umbrella in it that i just love and it is definatley my color! she even made dad look in the bag to make sure i didn't take anything out....WHY could have been ripley??!!

Now dad put it up so i can't get it....hmmmmm....i am pretty i could still get at it!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

rip's sock

rippy was pretty good today....she didn't try to rip off the stuff on her leg toooo many times. dad was watching! mom came home and she just put a sock on rips foot. she told rip not to try to pull it off...she put some tape stuff on it.

it will be nice when rip can run around again.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh thank goodness mom is home! She gave us cookies, took that funny thing off ripley. Rip tried to take off the stuff the doctor put on her foot but mom wouldn't let her. Mom told rip that as long as she didn't touch her foot, she could keep that funny thing off. Rip was pretty good until we went outside, mom went out with us and rip went for her foot so mom put that thingy back on her. She is looking less scary but more funny! Take a look at her!



Well, somehow this morning while I was outside with that big palooka sister of mine, I tore one of my nails. WOW - was that painful and I was bleeding!!! Dad didn't see it right away but noticed me licking "spots" on the floor. When he saw it was blood, holy moly did he ever freak out. He was going nuts. If I wasn't in so much pain, I would have laughed my head off.

He was screaming into the phone trying to get mom, and then the vet. He took me to that nice place where the doggy hotel is and they fixed me up. I got a big bandage on my paw which I immediately started to chew off. THEN, dad put this cone shaped thing on my head. Well...I never!

I haven't eaten and I won't drink because I feel so lousy. The only good thing was watching dad "lose it" when I got hurt and, now, sending him on a guilt trip for keeping this cone thingie on me. He melts when I shoot him the big, soulful eyes and I refuse to eat or drink.

Wish mom was here. She's a trained medical professional. Dad is funny and means well, but I hear he's trained in the "dark arts" (something called "the law").

I'll be ok, but I sure feel lousy right now.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

uh oh

so here i am lying quietly on the sofa and then MOM comes and finds a towel next to me....and then she finds a container that she apparently recognized. She showed it to dad, he thought it was a toy and we were playing with it all day (darn dad!) said it isn't a toy, it was for her sewing stuff..she said it had a rope on said it was long gone!!! then she gave him the towel...he said it was from his gym bag....they went in the bedroom and mom said she had seen a towel on the bed that wasn't there anymore...did dad leave it there? he said no, it was in his gym bag of course he looked and there was no towel there....HA...They have no proof...they didn't see me take it...they are just story is that dad is losing it..there was never a towel in his gym bag!!!!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

hot hot hot!

OMG it was sooooo hot out took us on a walk this morning, then we slept...then we bugged mom til she took us out on another walk this afternoon. We saw one of the neighbors and he pt us and told us how pretty and nice we are, when we got back home, we drank a lot of water, ate dinner, played a little (well alle did), then went back to sleep. it was a good day to sleep!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

now we are tired!!

So we had a great took us on ANOTHER walk!! There were some people we saw...they pet us and told us how great we are (DUH!!!). Mom saw that big HUGE rottweiler again...she didn't let it get near us. Then dad came out and joined us....he said one of the other dogs were out...he was worried about us but we were ok...we were being pet by the other neighbor girl and her boyfriend. it was pretty warm out in the sun but the wind was blowing so it kept us cool in the shade, but now we are tired...time to go to sleep!

ripley and alle


Oh the NERVE!!! There was a SQUIRREL in our tree stealing oranges! Not to worry, we are on top of it...that squirrel heard us. at least it was smart enough not to get on the balcony!

Rip and Alle

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

this was cool!!

So mom left her shower scrunchy out and alle went into the bathtub and got it out. Dad didn't know what it was so he called asked him if her scrunchy was still in the wasn't mystery solved!!! Mom described it perfectly for him....Alle was sooooooo excited!!!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mom's purse

So dad doesn't know how far to close the door for us when we go to, this morning, rip and i got up and what do you know??!!! We were able to go into the living room. Mom's purse was was soooo great...i emptied it out so i could see what she had in it. Her wallet was quite cool but i really wanted to see what she had on her music thingy she calls her mp3 but she did something to it so i couldn't get it on----DARN MOM!!!

Mom did take us on a walk was really fun that is until this big fat dog came after us. Mom yelled at it...i could tell...she didn't like it at all and she was trying to rush us away from it. I wanted to look at it....what a kept saying nasty things to us...i wonder if it eats with that same mouth...Rip was scared...she just stood there. Mom told Rip it was ok....just to come and she told me to come on...that thing kinda just kept coming at us growling and barking. There was another dog with it but it didn't do anything.

When mom came home she told dad that this big a** "rottweiler" that weighted as much as the three of us came at us...Mom wasn't happy......but she did give us treats!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

mom is sooo smart

Oh that mom is sooooo smart....i just really hate that!!!! I was looking in her work bag and she caught me!!! I didn't even have time to take out any of her plastic bags!!! DARN MOM!!!!! why does she have to ruin all my fun????????


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Now THIS?!

Talk about malfeasance!!! (heard daddy use that word)

First, mom gives us BEETS, cleverly mixed in with our food (gack), then she put us outside last night in the dark! Yep, that's right, and she didn't turn on the light so we could see what was out there. Talk about scary. Thank goodness for dad! He saw this gross...uh, whatever that word was...oh, malfeasance, and turned on the lights.

Whew, that was close!


Monday, April 6, 2009

that was really weird!

So mom and dad took us out for a walk this weekend. It was great...we had lots of fun. on the way back we saw these really fluffy dogs....and one just kept barking and barking and barking. I just looked at it like....hey....chill out, what's up with that! the man with the dog called him said it was more like a cross between an ewok and a wookie...she called it a briard.....i just called it really weird! what does it do with all that fur and it really does need to chill!!????!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

thanks dad

so, dad was really nice. he hung a new towel up alle took it down so she could lie down on it! how great is that. somehow dad didn't think it was quite as great!

we are getting used to our new toys. take a look at the cool toys mom and dad got for us when we were at the hotel!